Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dragon Inked

Dragon Head Inked by Jennifer PhillipCopyright Jennifer Phillip

So my experiments with Painter were not going as planned, so I decided to ink the dragon first and then colour it. Gives me more time to fool around with the program and lets me use my pens again. Forgot how much I like ink, just wish I still had my old pen that I could change the nibs. Was messier, but that was half the fun. :)

So most of the head is inked, was supposed to be a simple outline, but I got carried away. Need to make a few lines a little fuller and then move on to the rest of the dragon.

Hoping it is nice enough to sit outside and finish this tomorrow, maybe get some pictures of the flowers growing in the front too. I'm still crossing my fingers that my daisies grow. They seem to be sprouting to life now, but my track record with flowers is not the best. Give me a tree and I can usually make it live, flowers....I have like the green thumb of death.

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