Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The World Might End Now

28/365 04.08.09
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Now that I've ironed its only a matter of time before the world blows up :p

*note to self* next time draw a line for the elastic to follow lol Not exactly straight in some parts but thats ok as its just for me :)

I wish I had blue elastic, that would have looked really neat, hmm I wonder if you can get different coloured elastic that isn't white or black?

Not completely finished today but I got more done that I thought I would, but that is probably because it poured down rain most of the day. Our lawn is starting to look like a jungle from all the rain. Soon you will need a machete to get to the bird feeder and it wont be hard to get lost in the potato patch (even though its only about 6x6 feet :p)

So just need to add some buttons and the trim and then its done and I can maybe make some bags or if I can find any more elastic another pencil wrap because now that I have figured out the measurements its pretty easy to make :) and I have some really nicely patterned fabric that I could use.


Ann said...

Very cool pencil wrap! And I won't tell anyone that you ironed :-)

Shashi Nayagam said...

I have never seen a coloured elastic however you could dye it somewhat I think. It may not dye to the colour you want as I think the yarn on the elastic is probably synthetic but still it might not be so white.
Your wrap turned out fine and I can't see where it is not straight.

Serena said...

i haven't seen coloured elastic either though i think it would be a great idea. your pencil wrap looks great!

gardens and lawns sure do love the rain.

btw, vegetarian bacon soup is made with non-meat rashers that resemble bacon in taste and appearance only. :)

Michelle Eaton said...

Love your pencil case. Coloured elastic would be cool.

I never iron either. I hate it!

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Ann :D lol don't want people thinking I know how hehe

Shashi- hubby looked on ebay. you can get it but need to find the right size. :) but the dyeing would work to give it a nice light shade, which might work better then really vivid colours

Serena- thanks :) oh ok about the bacon. Was wondering, not that I am going to be a vegetarian but its good to know about different types of food :)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Michelle :) there are just so many more interesting things to do then iron lol