Tuesday, November 03, 2015


A poster idea for one side of a flyer advertising a made up exhibition (at the V&A opening in Dundee eventually), on compact cars. Haven't written the text for the where and when parts yet, but that area will be full of info. This is supposed to be folded up to A4 size for display purposes and then open up to look at the other side with the exhibition items on it.

And this is the inside. I am not sure if I will leave the inside like this or move everything around again, but I do know I have more ideas for the poster side so more than likely the top image will not end up being used.


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Oh it looks great! You are a wonderful designer!

SMV said...

So many iconic models, Jennifer. What a fun project. I hope it does well.

Chris Lally said...

SO creative!!!!!!!!!