Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Eye Surgery

Yay! Only spent 12 hours at the hospital, (4 hours too long....) but at least I am home. I look like I was in a boxing match lol and lost. People might wonder why I post photos of surgeries, but there are a few reason.

One: If someone might be going to have the same surgery, they can see what might happen after. And to tell the truth, my eye doesn't hurt unless I forget and go to touch it.

Two: I have a crap memory lol So posting the photos helps me to remember what it use to look like and what happened.

Three: Some people actually want to see the photos. Horror movie fans maybe? :p

But so people have something to see that might bring a smile to their face. have a baby goat being a dick ;p

And now onto the photos




Front view, doesn't look too bad, def. starting to bruise.

Side view (need to pluck my eyebrows lol)

And another front view. Its turning a lovely purple colour :p  Now to just wait to get the stitches out.


Jeanette Jobson said...

Wow, you're one brave lady. And its good that you share this information. I hope its not too uncomfortable and the stitches come out soon.

Sherrie York said...

You sure know how to have a good time. ;-)

Chris Lally said...

So glad the surgery went smoothly and that your eye doesn't hurt. Hope you get some sympathy mileage out of that black eye! Love the goats & thanks for the reminder - I need to pluck my eyebrows, too. Take good care of yourself, Jennifer Rose!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Did I miss what the surgery was for?
Looks like very neat stitching and follows the contour of the eye very well. LOVE the color of your eyes....not the lids!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Jeanette :) Told today the stitches will come out Thursday, so thats not too long too wait

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I'm the life of every party I go to :p

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Chris :) will have to wait to pluck my eyebrows, but glad I could be helpful lol

sympathy=cake :p

Studio at the Farm said...

Well, it doesn't look too bad, though I imagine it will have some phenomenal bruising in a few days. I am glad it is not painful for you!
Heal well!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

surgery was to put a small piece of gold in my eyelid to try to help it close better :)

yeah they are pretty good at cutting in places where any scar will be hidden

and thanks about my eyes :) its narcissistic but I keep meaning to paint them :p

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the bruising actually looks better today, but it hurts more lol

Sue Clinker said...

Glad the surgery went well and hope the healing is fast Jennifer. I love kids (the 4 legged sort I hasten to add). Our friend has a dairy goat farm nearby and I love to see the little ones when Kidding starts ...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thanks Sue :)

the little goats are so cute and full of energy, always fun to watch them jump around :)

Gary L. Everest said...

Hello Soldier,
Wow! That's some fine work in a very delicate area. Hope it all turns out great for you.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Hi Gary :)

thanks :) seems to be healing well already

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I had a stitch in each of my lids to keep them OPEN. they fell down due to an interesting nerve damage thingy, Dry eye is what I have to deal with because they do not close quite tight.
Enough gold to make you more valuable?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

only about £15 richer lol

how long d you have to keep the stitches in?

Julie Ford Oliver said...

permanently. It has been twenty years now. At first the shape of my eyes looked like triangles with with stitch in the (inside) of the middle of the lid. but age and the gravity has mellowed the effect out...or I am used to them. My vanity took a hit at first.

2paw said...

Oh, it looks very painful, I hope it all went smoothly. Oh I read in the last comment that it is healing well. I must say, coming late to the party means I get the good news as soon as I have seen the surgery!!!