Saturday, September 03, 2016

Driving Lesson #4

Bright green wheelnut covers on my car, the car is dark green so these stand out a bit and just protect the wheelnuts. Drove around and around a car park and didn't kill us and got into 2nd gear lol. Practice makes perfect. 

(Her driving is going ok for <3 hours...she just needs to chill and try to be POSITIVE rather than "this is a mistake/ I'm gonna screw this up" etc. Oh and not STOMP the brake pedal through the floor as we come to a stop...yeah the dog is getting whiplash :P - John)

Another dog toy for yesterdays sketch, a squeaky chicken leg. Well it use to squeak before she killed the squeaker.

A Kong Wubba for todays sketch. This is pretty hefty and really hurts when you get hit in the leg with it when Sky is throwing it around. Get some pretty impressive bruises from it lol


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

I'm glad the driving lessons are going well! I love the sketches, the dog must be a very happy dog with so many toys.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

can't have her being bored, so thats why all the toys :)

2paw said...

Yay for the driving going well!! I was a late driver compared top my friends and didn't get mu licence till I was nineteen. My friend was a terrible driver. I went to Uni with her and once day she confided that if she was going around a tight corner and wasn't sure she'd make it, she closed her eyes and hoped for the best!!! Do not do that!!!
A green car, well done. Poor Sky!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

im almost 36 so pretty late to learning lol

and um, closing your eyes is def not good! o.0 that is how you hit something, rather hit the curb than someone else

at least she doesn't really bark when I am learning, she usually does when the car starts up