Thursday, May 04, 2017

Quack and Chirp

Two left handed sketches, a duck head for #67 and a parakeet for #68. Any parakeet I've ever been around was always chirping and bouncing around like a happy little bird.

These were done with my left hand but I have tried drawing again with my right, and while it is easier, my elbow starts to feel like it is being stabbed after a few minutes. Can do stuff digitally for about 2 hours before my elbow hurts, so no idea why I can't draw with it yet.


  1. The birds are wonderful, you've really captured their essences. You're doing great with your left hand, but I hope you're able to use your right hand again too.

  2. Uh-oh, I missed something. What have you done to your elbow, Jen??? Now I understand why you are doing the left-hand drawings. For some reason, I thought it was something you were doing for your art courses. They are so good. I was tempted to try some myself.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on the kitties. I am very pleased with them, too [and I am a tough critic]


  3. thanks Lisa :) I hope I can use my right hand soon again too, I have [ainting I need to be starting soon

    Kathryn, I fell and messed my elbow, docs are not sure if i broke it. hardly do any drawing for graphics right now. you should try some left handed sketches, never know what might happen :)

  4. Love them both, but I think the duck is my new favorite!
    Glad things are getting easier. Wish I could hurry it along for you, Jennifer.

  5. Wow wonderful and I am so amazed at your talent that you can draw beautifully with your left hand too

  6. Your left handed sketches are amazing! Mine would be wobbly silly lines, lol. I hope your elbow is feeling better soon. :)