Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sunday Sketches

(left handed sketch #160)

A cute little love bird, they are cute but I don't know much about them.

(left handed sketch #161)

A random owl, have no idea which kind, possibly a Tawny Owl.

(left handed sketch #162)

And this is a Hoatzin, a very smelly bird but a really interesting one. The young have claws on their wings.

I think I have figured out how I can continue the left handed 365 once uni starts. If I draw all the weeks sketches on one day and post them on a Sunday I might be able to keep sketching. Its changing the "rules" but would still mean I can try to get 365 left handed sketches done. 

I am going to start a group link for sketches/doodles/etc that people post on Sunday. A lot of people seem to miss seeing what people post on Sunday (and I did ask if Alexandra would mind if I did start something). Hopefully will have it for next Sunday so look out for that. :)


  1. The birds are fantastic! I think if you want to change the rules, it's fine, they're your rules. I very much enjoy your left handed birds.

  2. Very nice left handed sketches Jennifer! I do miss Sunday Sketches I will see what you come up with

  3. Lovely bird sketches done with your left hand no less ~ ^_^

  4. So cute! That first one is gorgeous. I hope you're feeling a bit better. The better weather must help.

  5. Brilliant left handed sketches Jennifer. I know about the love birds and owl but I had no idea about the Hoatzin (or should I say Stinkbird) I had to look it up. Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead...with sun! :D

  6. Great birds! Sounds like a great plan, too!!

  7. thanks Lisa :) I guess I can change the "rules" since I did start the challenge just to practice :)

    thanks Christine :) I'm hoping to have the link set up this Sunday for it :)

    thanks carol :)

    thanks Michelle :) I wish I had of drawn that love bird on better paper so I could have coloured it

    thanks Neesie :) I learned about the stinky birds in school when I was pretty young when kids are fascinated by gross things lol

    thanks Chris :)

  8. You are an amazingly talented lady. You are getting better and better with your left hand. Soon we won't be able to tell if you drew with the left or right hand.