Friday, September 15, 2017

Falcon #15

I really wanted to finish this tonight but its not happening, my back is killing me and working on this for a long time just makes it worse. I did manage to get another section under the wing finished so that is better than nothing. Hoping to finish this weekend as long as I get some more research done for uni.

Feather close up. The whole thing needs more shading once all the markings are done. 

I finished my website, well it still needs more stuff in the about section and I need to put more art in the 3D section, but it is pretty much finished. If you can have a look, that would be great and tell me if anything isn't working, thanks :)


  1. It looks grea, hope u feel well enough to complete it over the weekend

  2. Wow, amazing! Hope your back will feel better soon!

  3. wow almost there, website looks great, although it seems that a lot of windows are left open for each time you click on a section.

  4. Stunning detail...hope your back feels better!! Wonderful work!

    Peace Giggles

  5. I don't want you to finish. He's gonna fly away:)

    Hope your back is feeling better today...

  6. thanks Clare :) nothing done on it so far, maybe tomorrow :)

    thanks denthe :)

    thanks Christine :) hmm should only open a new window if you clicked on the facebook, instagram links. will have to look into that, thanks :)

    thanks Giggles :)

    thanks Chris, back feels worse, but just means another day doing nothing lol once this one is finished I will start another one :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful!
    I hope your back is feeling better.

  8. Beautiful work but sounds like you need a rest ~ do hope you take good care of yourself ~ lovely work! thanks ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  9. Stunning bird, and a whole lot of patient work. I find I get lost often when doing something with intricate patterns, and a rest is good! The end result will be gorgeous!!

  10. Stunning work! I know that feeling when you just want to keep doing something but your body won't let you. I crippled my back once while beading for too long without good back support - took two weeks of pain, a physio and some acupuncture to fix it ::shudder:: I hope never to do that again.

    Be well and look after yourself so you can create more of this wondrous artwork. Such skill and detail!

    Happy PPF!

    Best wishes,

  11. I am just loving the post with this art. Your are so very talented.

  12. Oooh, it's looking fantastic! I hope you feel better soon.

  13. I took a quick look at your website, it looks very good.

  14. thank you Tammie Lee :)

    carol, whats rest? :p and thanks :)

    June, thank you :) yep i get lost doing this too, sort of zone out

    thanks Liz :) hopefully you def never do that again, back pain can be horrible to deal with, mine is more than likely from falling all the time lol

    thank you Nicole :)

    thanks Lisa and thanks for looking at the site :)