Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Only Stabbed Myself Once Scratching This

Almost done this small etching for college. I only see a few things that need work on it and then I can try to print at least one print tomorrow. I really need to start on a bigger etching soon for college since its due in 3 weeks and it might take awhile to do lol

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jaw Update

So had a fallow up appointment at maxillofacial  for my jaw, and I can open my mouth 25mm which is a huge improvement and the doctor I saw, (the head huncho in the department who I was surprised to see because he is so busy), he seemed  very happy with everything. Told him about how when I eat on the right side where that joint was replaced I get an electric shock just like the feeling in my face, perfectly normal so thats good at least.

This is pretty much what my jaw looks like now and it was so swollen because of all the screws needed. Looking for this photo I did come across some pretty bloody looking photos of the surgery. I have no problem watching slasher/horror movies but I have a problem looking at those photos. Probably because I had the surgery and don't want to see how it was done :p

And the scar is fading :) Not that I am really that concerned, I have a lot of scars already and I think they tell a story.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Making a Mess Printing

 Actually surprisingly I didn't make that much of a mess, besides getting paint all over my hands :p

Wanted to see if the lino needed any more carving before I printed it with ink, so out came the gelliplate. The above is a print pulled from the plate after I put the lino down on it, and the below  is a rough print from the lino after I put it on the gelliplate and it grabbed the paint off of it.

Don't think it needs any more carving, if anything I probably should have left more on the wooden part of the ship so it looked more wooden.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pretty Peacock

Started to colour the peacock. Still need to work on the eye area and darken the marks on his face. I'm glad I have a lot of blue pencils, but you can never have too many :p

And finished a small lino for my Graded Unit for college. This isn't the end project, but we have to do a lot of development work for our ideas, so made this up so I would have a lino to print plus another type of printing, (probably etching).