Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Were's the Bubblewrap??

A small update on this since my wrist is making a lovely popping noise, and I have damaged my rotator cuff and shouldn't be working too hard on things at the moment. So yeah, this is going to take a lot longer then I wanted it to when you also throw in the Uni work I need to do. Thankfully, at the moment that isn't too hands involved at the moment.

And a close up of a feather section. Still needs shading but the basic feathers are there :) I think this is about 3 times the actual size lol

Friday, November 21, 2014

Blog Changes

Messing around with the layout again, let me know please if things look odd and if the header is too hard to read :)

3 Hours Later....

And onto the part I am dreading messing up. The wing feathers, a couple dozen maybe?

Decided to show an image of the plate over the photo so people will get a better idea of how I work when etching and see exactly how many feathers I have to etch. The black paper makes it easier to see details in bright light on the plate.

There are some people who might argue that all I am doing is tracing and its not really art when I etch these birds; but I take the photos that I use and have to decide what to leave and what to include in the etching so the print will look right. I think its still art, technically it is dry point work, not traditional etching, but acid and me are probably not a good mix with my shaky hands lol

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Mom, Danielle, and me in 1984. And the lovely blue patterned couch makes another appearance. It's in a few other photos, moved around house to house and honestly it wasn't that comfortable to sit on :p