Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blue Bird

The finished blue bird. Another experiment with the Yupo paper but this time I took a hard eraser to it to try to create highlights. I think I need a harder eraser to properly create highlights. The eraser residue ended up acting like a wax resits when I went over the areas with markers again. Created a really neat effect.

Obvs I finished this before my arm was put in a sling and I want to do some more experimenting with the Yupo paper but it will have to wait until my arm feels better  :(

Monday, February 20, 2017

Will Never Finish This

I want to finish it, just seems like I'm not supposed to lol My arm is in a sling due to tendon and nerve damage from the fall last week so working on anything right now is pretty much impossible. Told to not use it for a week and then see what happens after that. Lesson to everyone, go to a doctor after any big falls. Not that it would have made a big difference in my case, but probably wouldn't of been a bad idea.

Music Monday

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Sketches

Finished the dragon sketch last night which is great because I can hardly move my right arm. And that could be anything, from my fall last week or its just irritated again. Typing is fun lol typing with just a left hand is hard lol

And more mess with markers on Yupo paper. Still experimenting with the paper so not everything goes to plan.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sick of Dragons Yet?

This is the start of section #2, still needs flat colour on the belly scales and the back fins, but its a start at least. This is just an example of what it might look like. Obvs you wont be able to see the starry sky in the waves, I actually just noticed that. Was staring at this thinking something didn't look right and finally figured out it was the stars in the waves.

Starting another tiny dragon sketch, this one not so pointy looking. This little sketchbook is going to end up filled with different dragon heads if I keep sketching them.