Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a Minute in September

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I'm playing along with Jenaveve and her just a minute meme.

hmm kind of hard for me to think of things for this month. Been so busy with college, I don't remember whats really happened.

Reading: Finished 3 books and working on 2 more. Read Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly, Flesh by Richard Laymon, Exit Music by Ian Rankin. Sad to say that all of them, even the Rankin book were not very good. The Rankin book was better then the other 2,but still left me feeling like something was missing from it.

Sleeping :p probably not as much as I should be. hmm might have to hit myself over the head with a hammer soon :p

Learning:.....not actually sure if I am. I do like my teachers a lot which makes a huge difference. I probably am learning, just too tired to think about it lol

Drawing: naked people! ;) other things too, but a lot of it is too big to bring home. Working on a simple Halloween dragon and still working on that horse

Watching: Merlin :) cheesiness for the win. Doesn't hurt that Arthur is easy on the eyes :p

Driving: hmm well no where yet. but I am sure if we do go somewhere,the cow will be coming along.

And if I don't make blog posts this week its because I have lost pretty much all feeling in my hands. Which makes it fun to type :p Lots of spelling errors and takes lots of time to make a post. Didn't go to college today,cause I can't hold a pencil without dropping it or my hand twitching. Bit of a pain in the butt. My MS nurse says its probably from hitting my head, it should get better.

Off to try to catch up on blogs. (but should probably go to bed lol. help I'm addicted to blogging! :p)

hmm and it seems like a certain cow and accomplice stole my blog last night :p

New post from Skeebie

So the cow has made a new blog post on his new blog, which all you lovely people can see at http://skeebie.blogspot.com

He loves to read peoples' comments, but is feeling a bit lonely right now as no one has left him any comments on his blog :-( So I'm sure he would love it if someone left him a comment or 3, at the least it would stop him from bugging me to check and see if any comments have been left on his blog every 2 minutes ;-)

Hope you all enjoy my blog >> Skeebie the cow.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anyone for a bbq?

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Don't think you would get more then a hamburger if the dragon sneezes :p

Almost finished with laying down colour and then I can wet the paper down. Some places might end up being really muddy looking but that is half the fun with experimenting. Never know what will happen and sometimes the results are great. Of course when my experiments turn out, I often forget how I did something :p

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Mr.F played mechanic today, changing the oil, spark plugs etc. I really wish I had of thought to take a picture as his hair was caked in oil :p Actually kind of cute :)

You can def. tell its fall now. While it was nice and sunny today after a grey morning, there is a bit of a chill in the wind and a hint of frost on the cars at night. Thermal socks and underwear time soon. ok maybe not that cold here, just wear lots of jumpers outside, unlike the women we saw today wearing just a long jumper and that was it. Which was fine, but it wasn't that warm today. def. a thermal underwear outfit :p

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vroom Vroom

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hmm probably dangerous letting the cow drive :p (and how is he controlling the pedals? o.0)

Got a car today, so hopefully never have to hear about car parts again :p It was under what we budgeted which is a good thing since we have to tax it at the end of the month.

Really need to think of a way to thank Mr.F's parents for the money gift.

And with that short blog post, off to bed *yawn*

(hopefully art tomorrow, should be close to finishing the Halloween dragon)

Friday, September 25, 2009

put me down!!

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A bit of a pet peeve of mine(the idea for the photo was not mine). Dogs have legs for a reason. Stop carrying your dogs people. Of course if there is a medical reason for it, there isn't a problem. But I have found that the dog is usually used just as another fashion accessory :/

Simple Halloween drawing this year. Pretty sure I wont have time for anything really elaborate and detailed. Always later or next year. I've done a smaller version of this before but thought it would look better bigger.

This is on Bristol and I am using it as a bit of an experiment. These are the water soluble pencils. I know the paper will take a bit of water but I am curious how these pencil will act on the paper.

So it could all very well go all wrong and I will end up cursing a lot :p (I think I've put the shadows on the dragon on the wrong side..oops :p)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

creative space september 24,2009

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Homework :/ :p And I don't know if I am even doing this right. But I am at the point of not really caring. I am sorry but the things we are doing at the start of this class are things that people should have learned in grade school. I know not everyone has the same education, but if you don't know basic shapes at this point I think there might be a problem :p

On a more positive note I got these coloured overlays today to help with reading and I am amazed at the difference they make. No more jumbled squished together letters that are blurry in places. See, people assume that since I am a fast reader that I don't have any problems reading but I never really stopped to think that the way I could see letters was odd or something was wrong with it. But I think I just adapted to read fast, the same way I have had to adapt when people ask me questions about left or right.

If someone asks me to point to their right hand for example I have to turn my body in my head to superimpose on their body to figure out what is right. Sounds simple but gets more complicated with directions etc. When I stop and think about things that I am being told, some things are really starting to make sense. At the very least I will be more informed with these meetings I am having, and that is never a bad thing.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Eye Spy ...

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Something I shouldn't eat but do anyway :p (favourite food would work)

Kind of a long theme lol Cindy has picked me to choose a theme for Eye Spy this week, so thats my choice.

Could be your favourite chocolate bar, some decadent dessert or a 5 course meal that leaves you so full you can't move :p Hopefully not something that if you eat you end up in the hospital though o.0

I have a huge sweet tooth, which is a bad thing :p And made worse with the fact that chocolate taste sooo much better here. I am trying not to eat a lot of sweet things but every once and awhile I have something sweet.

Mr.F's parents are giving us an early anniversary/xmas present. A little bit of money to try to buy a cheap car. But I am going insane hearing about car parts :p I'm not a car person at all. As long as it runs and isn't a van I don't really care lol (Mr.F in the background *goes to look for a van*):p

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Pink Bird

From this:
To this:

So much easier to take care of and it should also mean the vacuum will last longer because its not sucking up giant balls of hair :p Its shorter in the back, looks longer in the photo actually.

I added another project to the monthly sketch blog. I thought there was just too much of a wait between projects and it gives people that might have missed the first project a chance at the second one.

For this project the photo was provided by Chrissy. Decided to use coloured pencils, but its the ones that you can wet after if you like. I love them :) All the look of a watercolour, but half the work. Yes thats being lazy, but why spend lots of time on something if you don't have to?

The pencils dry. Went down smooth, the lighter colours seemed to need a few extra layers to show up, but they all blended well together. (this is a photo)

pink flamingo Copyright Jennifer Rose PhillipCopyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And the finished scan. Nice bright colours that blended well when wet but were easy to control. Next time I use them though, I need to put down a bit more of the pencils to get a better saturation of colours on the paper.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Way to Brain Myself

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So yesterday was interesting. It was supposed to be painting class yesterday but I didn't do much painting.

I have a perching stool to use in life drawing class, handy thing to have when I need to sit down for a few minutes and nice to have to sit and paint on. Now this is what I think happened, not 100% sure though.

I lent over to grab my pallet and I must have leant over too far because the stool went over and me with it. Landed pretty hard and to add more the back of the stool whacked me in the head :( And I could have lived with that because things like that happen to me all the time, but of course my body decided "hey lets burst into tears like a 5 year old" :/ But I was laughing and crying at the same time.

I did more damage to my knee then my head at the time because on the way to the bus in the morning I almost did a face plant but luckily Mr.F had a hold of my hand or I would have went through the barber shop window.

So really I should have stayed in bed yesterday. Possibly have a concussion, but not much point going to the docs as they would just tell me to do what I am doing anyway. Take it easy. Can't do much anyway since I'm limping :p So didn't go to college today and only found out reading the little diary tonight that I should have phoned. oops :/ I thought we only had to fill out a bit of paperwork, well its not like I am skipping just to skip, and most of the class did see me fall.

On a more positive note, ok well maybe not since I have no idea what we are going to do with all the onions that grew. Anyone want an onion? lol You plant things thinking that hey maybe only half will grow, not all of them :p If it was garlic I would think great, we could ward off shiny vampires, but it might only work with onions if we threatened them with onion breath or cut the onions right next to them to make them cry. And then when they are blinded by the tears, stab them :p

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Naked Man!

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ok not really :p well it is but you can't really tell its a man lol

So I needed to write this blog post out by hand before I typed it to see how many spelling mistakes I make. But if I only stick to words that I know how to spell, not sure how this will work.

But it has made me remember how bad my cursive writing is :p

So more life drawing today. Watched a video featuring Maggi Hambling, was interesting. Reminded me of high school though. You were always excited to watch a video in class. Meant you could fall asleep and no one would notice :p

I used my sketchbook today for a few of the drawings, so get ready to laugh :)

These are really rough but thats the point ( I think...). The other drawings I did are too big to bring home now, maybe later.

I did one drawing in different greens and the teacher suggested it looked like the green giant :p After that all I could think of was it looked like a dead green giant because of the pose the model was in lol

I really can not draw people :p

hmmm, the writing I did is really really messy, even I can't read it. Need to practice I think :p

Monday, September 14, 2009

6 Feet Under

So when Mr.F went to St.Cyrus the other day he came across a grave site, with lots of old stones still standing. If I go with him next time, I am really going to have to remember to bring some paper so I can get some rubbings off of the stones and maybe read some of them easier. The whole place looks like a good place to spend a nice day walking around (and time spent trying not to fall off the cliffs :p)

And there is a waterfall which would have probably been insane last week with all the rain we had.
The lawn is still getting taken care of, but not sure if anyone would still be buried there. Would be a pretty place to be buried though :)

A few old stones, some of the stones that Mr.F took pictures of are pretty worn, but for being over 200 years old they are in pretty good shape.

Anyone want to guess what this says. I can't figure it out lol

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eye Spy ...

a season's change. Truthfully I don't really notice a season change this time of year. If it wasn't for the fact that it starts getting colder and we have to start turning the lights on earlier (and in a few weeks, by 2 in the afternoon they will have to be turned on or we will be walking around in the dark :/), I wouldn't notice it turning to fall. Not a lot of the leaves around here change colour and when they do if you blink you would miss them :p

I did think it was strange the first winter I was here that the grass was such a vivid shade of green. Its odd seeing bright green grass in the winter when you are use to seeing brown brittle snow covered lawns.

I guess I could say seeing the flowers all dead in their pots could be seen as a season's change. But really who wants to see a bunch of dead rotting flowers? So have a picture of the beach at St.Cyrus that Mr.F took the other day.

For more Eye Spy head here
This weeks theme was chosen by Lisa

Friday, September 11, 2009

sightseeing cow

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The cow and Mr.F went on a day trip to enjoy the beach and the nice weather while I was in College, bastards :p The cow is going to be getting his own blog (like I need another one lol). Just need to think of a name for it. Any suggestions?

So college....is um college? To tell you the truth the only class I enjoy so far is analytical drawing but its only been 2 weeks. Life drawing class is interesting, not learning anything new, but having problems putting what I do know into drawing the human figure. I don't know if I will ever be able to draw people well, but I will be happy if I can draw them well enough that it doesn't look like ET has landed again. I do like that we have a male and female model, makes it a lot easier to see the differences in the body shapes when you have the 2 different sexes to draw.

Oddly enough the class I am having the most problems with is 2D, which is pretty much design work. I did have a feeling this would happen, not because I would find it hard, but because it is stuff I have already done and I find it boring and then I get frustrated. Might get better once we actually get into designing something and analysing other designs. I am probably just over analysing what we need to do right now which doesn't make it easier.

Expressive drawing is a bit of a challenge because the whole point of the class is to pretty much have a loose free approach to working which I don't have lol But once I figured just act 5 again it went better :p

Drawing size is a bit of an issue :/ I have a horrible habit of drawing small and need to draw bigger so the paper gets filled. I do try to start out big, but then the drawing just shrinks when I revise the line work.

And I am trying really hard not to come off snobbish or like a know it all, but 95% of what we have done I already know, which I was told would happen :p I do pay attention in class, if only because it is good to hear what and see how, other people teach things.

But I don't regret taking the course. At the very least my style will get looser, and I will learn to draw bigger. I would love to be able to draw faster and do a better job with perspective as well. I am a little frustrated because it feels like repeating basic art classes in high school, but I am hoping that is just because its the start of the year and once we start doing more I wont feel that way.

And the road in front of the college wasn't made for a scene for the Fast and the Furious. you look like a prat and an idiot revving your mother's car :p

Thursday, September 10, 2009

creative space september 10,2009

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My creative space is a simple still life set up for my 2D class. Need to have all kinds of shapes in it, and if possible something to do with our theme. So there will be a little dragon in it to go with the legends theme. No idea if it will get finished but at least its a start.

And my creative space yesterday was finger painting :D :p ok not really it was expressive drawing and since I figured it looked like a 5 year old did the drawing, I might as well act the age and dipped my fingers into the ink and used them instead of a paintbrush :p Got ink everywhere, oops.

This was the one that I drew in class (2D), but figured since I have a sewing machine pretty close to the one in class I would set up a simple drawing at home even if just for the practice. I didn't get this done last week, was having problems with my hand and getting the angles right on it.

I do have a lot to write about how college is going right now, but will write it tomorrow as it will probably get pretty long and I need to actually write it out by hand first. I had a meeting today with a lady to see if I am possibly dyslexic and she wants me to write a bit down to see how many spelling mistakes I make and other things. Did realize today though that I tend to only use words I can spell, which I know a lot of people do but I never realized I did it before. I could use so many other words I know but don't for that reason. If I didn't have spell checking enabled on here it would be full of spelling errors. It was a pretty interesting meeting actually and she thought it was interesting that when I read out vowels I said "and sometimes Y". She said I was the first person to say that lol

and don't continue reading if broken bones make you squirm.

Really messed up my little toe on my left foot. Hit it on the tub last night and had to bite my lip pretty hard to stop from screaming :/ The toe while not having been straight for a while is now completely turned, so I am almost walking on the nail. You can actually see the bone poking up under the skin and also possibly did something to the bones on the side of my foot as well. Really painful to walk but not much point going to the doctor because they would just say tape it up which I can do at home . But if it is still this sore on Monday I will def. go to the doctor or if the pain gets worse.

And on that happy note lol off to sleep. :)

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Scottish Word of the Week September 7,2009

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Where did the day go? o.0 Time flew by today and now its time for bed :p This getting up at 6:30 4 days a week is going to kill me lol its not right to be up that early! :p On the plus side...actually I don't see a plus side about getting up that early lol

This weeks Scottish word:

1. jawbox

Answer to the last Scottish word:

1. pokey-hat is an ice cream cone :) (hmm wish I had ice cream now....)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Who is that?

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So this little squirrel popped into someone's photo and is now an internet phenomenon (ok maybe not but its worth a laugh :p) The cow decided to get in on the action (I really wish I had of taken that picture because its such a wonderful place to visit, but I got it off of a stocksite with the intention of painting it)(make your own here)

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And an hours worth of work on the horse which doesn't show much. Still putting in the muscles and the basic highlights and shadows. Going to look a little odd until I start to really darken the shadows and start to flesh out the shape. I usually work left to right so it feels odd working right to left on this.

And I think I have figured out a theme for college. Ingrid's suggestion of Tarot really started my mind running for themes. I thought I could do an occult theme, have lots of things I could use for that to draw but then I kept thinking (yes my head hurt ;p).

Thought of using "legends" as a theme. I have lots of stuff to draw for that, its something I am really interested in and the possibilities are endless. From dragons and unicorns, to ancient Egyptian myths to even urban legends. So hopefully that works, if not I need to think of another one. And even if I don't use the portfolio to try to get into Uni I should end up with a few pieces of nice work I could sell or make prints from.

And just a reminder that there is less then a week left for the deadline for the drawing group :D

Friday, September 04, 2009

Hmm am i going to die?

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I really want to design my own tarot card deck, but would have no idea where to start. There are so many themes I could pick that I have no idea where to start.

Speaking of themes I need to pick one or 2 for college. For the one class she told us that what ever we brought in, make sure its transportable and its better to pick a theme that we would love. hmm I know I could find a small horse that would fit in the lift, but somehow I don't think that would go over too well :p well she did say small and easily carried :p

They have this old Singer in one of the rooms so I thought I might pick sewing as one of the themes. I figure there are so many things in that theme I could draw it might work well. If not I need to spend the weekend thinking up a theme that will lend itself to lots of drawing and something I have in the flat or can get cheap at the charity shops (hmm don't think I will find a pony at the charity shop :p)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

creative space september 3,2009

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The cow doing what I should be doing *yawn*

So college is..um..hmm interesting :p Its fine but just really makes me want to go home and draw something realistic :p But I do plan on just forgetting everything I know (well ok maybe not everything) so that maybe I can loosen up my style of working. Not necessarily loosen up my style itself, but maybe get a bit quicker, make sketching easier?

And my teacher said to me that the person who interviewed me was really impressed by my portfolio, yeah no pressure there at all o.0

The thing is, I see the shapes in the human form just as I do when I draw animals or still life items, but for some odd reason I can't get my mind to link the shapes to the human body. I know it should come with practice, time will tell of course. And Ingrid, shock upon shock we have a male model ;)

I thought I was supposed to be in today in the afternoon, but the college messed up the time table, I was supposed to be in the morning. So missed one painting class, but the teacher said he will go over the class next Thursday. Maybe have some art from college to show next week :)

So todays creative space doesn't look that different from last weeks. Still working on that horse, getting the prints from my give away together to mail on the weekend, and the module checklist for college with everything that I need to complete to pass each module listed.

And still painting. The evil part of the wall that wouldn't keep any paint on it. Stripped but just needs to be sanded down and then I have to go and retouch the dark blue so the old paint colour doesn't show through. Good thing we have white paint because some of the ceiling is now blue (along with some of the grout on the floor which will always be blue now :p)