Friday, September 11, 2009

sightseeing cow

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The cow and Mr.F went on a day trip to enjoy the beach and the nice weather while I was in College, bastards :p The cow is going to be getting his own blog (like I need another one lol). Just need to think of a name for it. Any suggestions?

So um college? To tell you the truth the only class I enjoy so far is analytical drawing but its only been 2 weeks. Life drawing class is interesting, not learning anything new, but having problems putting what I do know into drawing the human figure. I don't know if I will ever be able to draw people well, but I will be happy if I can draw them well enough that it doesn't look like ET has landed again. I do like that we have a male and female model, makes it a lot easier to see the differences in the body shapes when you have the 2 different sexes to draw.

Oddly enough the class I am having the most problems with is 2D, which is pretty much design work. I did have a feeling this would happen, not because I would find it hard, but because it is stuff I have already done and I find it boring and then I get frustrated. Might get better once we actually get into designing something and analysing other designs. I am probably just over analysing what we need to do right now which doesn't make it easier.

Expressive drawing is a bit of a challenge because the whole point of the class is to pretty much have a loose free approach to working which I don't have lol But once I figured just act 5 again it went better :p

Drawing size is a bit of an issue :/ I have a horrible habit of drawing small and need to draw bigger so the paper gets filled. I do try to start out big, but then the drawing just shrinks when I revise the line work.

And I am trying really hard not to come off snobbish or like a know it all, but 95% of what we have done I already know, which I was told would happen :p I do pay attention in class, if only because it is good to hear what and see how, other people teach things.

But I don't regret taking the course. At the very least my style will get looser, and I will learn to draw bigger. I would love to be able to draw faster and do a better job with perspective as well. I am a little frustrated because it feels like repeating basic art classes in high school, but I am hoping that is just because its the start of the year and once we start doing more I wont feel that way.

And the road in front of the college wasn't made for a scene for the Fast and the Furious. you look like a prat and an idiot revving your mother's car :p


CurlyPops said...

How about Mad Cow Blog?

Rose Welty said...

I'm so jealous of you! I hope the classes get better and revving stops! :D

Teresa Mallen said...

Yup hang in there, maybe it will get better as the classes progress! Doesn't help though when significant others go to the beach. I hope your toe is feeling better!!!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

It will get better! Hope you get a good teacher for colour.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol Cam, I did use some of that in the title :)

Rose, I think the only way the revving would stop is if a cop car was there all the time, which would happen :/

Teresa- I'm hoping it gets better, the toe is healing thankfully. Still bent an odd way but at least it only hurts now when I touch it and not all the time. :)

Michelle- thanks :) The main teacher I have now is great, not sure if he will be teaching us all year tho.

Chrissy said...

LOL at the last lines... ;) It is good to hear your thoughts on college...