Monday, March 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So now that a time schedule has been figured out, finding time to draw and comment on other blogs should be easier (I hope at least lol). But drawing when Sky is sleeping is the easy option and is also good practice drawing from life. Just wish she didn't move so much :p So I really hope to have some art to show, plus add some art online to sell soon.

This can't be comfortable o.0 But she did sleep like this for a bit, until she heard someone open the fridge :p

And its snowing! o.0 but it will probably turn to rain soon :/

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sky Update

So she is still here, settling in (more like running around and around and around :p). It is getting easier to feed her, and she lets me pet her now when I feed her without growling or snapping. We make her sit and wait for the food before we let her have it and that seems to be helping a lot thankfully.

I don't understand why the last people could not get her house trained. She knows where the door is and wakes me up when she needs to go out. Yes she is still a puppy, so accidents will happen, but it has been very easy to get her house trained.

There are really only 2 things that need to be worked on besides basic puppy training. Car chasing and nipping. Which are collie traits. Great. :p The nipping thing I am slowly working on, but I think the chasing issue will take a long time to correct. We try to get her to sit when we see a car, and then wait. But as soon as the car goes by she moves as if to chase it. If the car if going in the same direction as us on a walk, I can sometimes get her to ignore it with a command, but on the whole she wants to chase the cars. And herd them :p :/ And while I am sure she would be very happy if she caught one, I don't think the driver would be happy with a punctured tire :p I am going to look into puppy obedience classes, but they might have to wait until she is spayed.

And a video of her chasing her tail. She did this the first day we had her, and while its cute, not something I want to encourage (lots of walking and playing help her stop)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scottish Word of the Week March 24,2010

Mondays photo of the week (yes I know its Tuesday, give me a break. I've been running around after a puppy all weekend :p), was supposed to be feet. My feet are not pretty. Nope. I've broken my toes so many times, I've lost count :/ My little toes are so broken and twisted around that I walk on the side of them. So I wont traumatize people with pictures of my twisted feet, so here are some puppy feet :D (yes I realize that people will probably get sick of puppy pictures, but I have lots lol hopefully art later today when she passes out in the evening :)

This weeks Scottish word:

1. plunk

Answer to the last words:

1. syboes are spring onions
2. scaffie is a binman/rubbish collector

*edit good cheap toy :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010


One sleeping puppy, but usually she is running around like this:

Had a set back with Sky last night. Went to feed her and she had severe food aggression towards me :( Seriously made me think about giving her up (which will always be an option if it turns into something that I cannot handle), but after thinking hard about it and getting a message on Facebook about the situation, we have decided to see if we can work on the problem. Its a shame as she can be such a nice puppy, the problem is that no one has taught her any manners, so she needs to be taught them, which should have already started 2 months ago, not now. The food aggression could have been caused by so many things, but I'm leaning towards people not feeding her enough, or at all since she wants to hoard the food we give her. But we hand fed her today, and she seems to be all right with that, no sign of aggression and sat when we asked her too. After at least a week of that, we can try a few other things, leading into her having her food in her bowl. This should help *crosses fingers*

And we are going to get a crate, which worked wonders for the Rottie we had. Slowly introducing the crate to Sky should help as well. And would mean that I could draw for half an hour a few times a day when she is sleeping :p

I really just don't want to give up on her after less then a week and after so many other people all ready have.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Meet Sky :) Cute little thing, thats all legs. And puked on me in the car ride hone :/ But I've had worse

Monday, March 15, 2010

Scottish Word of the Week March 15,2010

The theme for the photo of the week is changing seasons, and since this year we don't really plan on doing much in the garden besides mow the lawn, there isn't anything in the garden to show the changing seasons so far. But the sky is finally blue and cloudy, instead of grey and depressing looking.

But there is still snow on the ground in some parts:
This weeks Scottish words of the week:

1. syboes
2. scaffie

Answer to the last word:

1. ingin means onion

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well This is Random....

One of the odder billboards I've seen lately (but at least it does try to save the little hedgehogs)

hmmm well this was a pointless post :p

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

And another small update :) lol sometimes I do wonder why I drive myself insane using coloured pencils :p

And you know you have a problem when you realize that you used up the last of your Deco Blue colour, and you cry :p

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lime Green

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

More work on the dragon scarab. Almost done with the wings, just need to finish putting light green on the left one and darken the shadows. Might put the light green on the body so it matches with the wings more :) There are a few layers of different purples, but they are sadly not really showing up :/

Monday, March 01, 2010

oooh shiny!

New Shoes :D My boots were falling apart at the seams, literally (4.5 years is a long time to have a pair of boots). So it was time for a new pair of shoes, not boots this time. And really can't pass up £5 for a pair of shoes. If they last 3 months, I'm happy. But it is really odd not walking around with 3 pound boots on each foot :p Have to learn to walk all over again lol

The photo this week is supposed to be of buttons. I have a lot of white buttons and a few coloured buttons, but most of my buttons are pretty plain. I really want to have jars of coloured buttons lined up in jars on a windowsill to catch the light. Probably an odd thing to want lol

So the dentist phoned me today. At 8 at night which was a surprise, but completely all right. So the problem with my jaw isn't TMJ, no. Apparently I have osteoarthritis in my jaw. o.0 So next step is getting referred to a surgeon and then see what he says. I really do not know much about it, but that can happen when its something you never thought you would have to deal with. jeeze. I'm 29, not 92, I take enough pills already, can't imagine how many I might end up taking now. Could I put them all in a blender you think? :p