Monday, March 29, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So now that a time schedule has been figured out, finding time to draw and comment on other blogs should be easier (I hope at least lol). But drawing when Sky is sleeping is the easy option and is also good practice drawing from life. Just wish she didn't move so much :p So I really hope to have some art to show, plus add some art online to sell soon.

This can't be comfortable o.0 But she did sleep like this for a bit, until she heard someone open the fridge :p

And its snowing! o.0 but it will probably turn to rain soon :/


JudiA said...

I envy the young the ability to sleep anywhere like that. It doesn't look comfortable though, does it. She and her little mini-wrecking ball are very entertaining!

Serena said...

So cute...Cody loves his toys too. He has a small basket full of them and he will actually sort through them and choose which one he wants to play with.

2paw said...

Dogs sleep any where, any way and any time!!! Sky is so funny, and that happens here too, inflicting damage with a toy!! She's a good growler and I can tell it is a play growl. Love your videos!! Oh and I meant to say, or did I already??, we often put some dry dog food in the bottles and then it is a fun game to get it out!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is so cute.

Jenna White said...

I tried sketching my dog a lot when the colored pencil forum on Wet Canvas had the sketching from life thread. I have many little half sketches cause my dog would move and I'd have to start all over. They don't sit still long, do they? lol. But sketching the dog actually helps you to sketch faster and looser. So it was a lot of fun to practice on her even when she wasn't sleeping. :)

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

How they sleep in the stranges places I'll never know. Also, how they are attuned to awaken from a sound sleep upon the first hint of sound from a food source. Mine reacts to the sound of a plastic wrapper crinkling were his beloved balogne is stored.

Linda Fleming said...

OMG! Your puppy is adorable! I just love her! I am so tickled you got a dog. Yu can train her to assist you. I've taught Bella when going up steps to walk one step ahead of me, so I can lean on her as I go up steps. And on walks to walk right beside me so if my balance gets wacky, I can lean over on her to steady myself.
Looking forward to reading more Skye updates.

Teresa Mallen said...

Who says money can't buy happiness? Sky is definitely experiencing a lot of joy with your 2 pound purchase!! :-)

Ann said...

Oh how cute! Funny how much they can move even when they are sleeping but it's fun to try sketching them anyway.

Artoholic said...

Oh how I envy their ability to sleep anywhere, anytime!

With my pooch it's the crinkling of any packet that gets her up in an instant. Can't sneak chocolates or crisps in my house!



Chrissy said...

Haha, it will all settle down...eventually. I think you should enjoy this time with her :D It is a bit like children, hard work but lovely reward

Marie S said...

What a cute dog and so lucky to be able to sleep anywhere. I am jealous. Hope blogger is being kind to you lately!!

Leslie Hawes said...

She's wonderful! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

judi, I get a sore neck just watching her sleep lol

serena, I want to get her to do that like cody :) it can be very useful when you want her to bring you a specific object

cindy, I stuck some dry food in a bottle the other day. she looked at me like what the hell are you doing with the food lol she was scared of the rattling noise at first, now she loves it :) i think you said you did already :)

shashi, cute and uses it to her advantage lol

jenna, I too found sketching the dog good speed practice. need to sketch fast to get the sketch to even resemble a dog lol

sandra, and other sounds don't wake them up. but that food packet sound just makes them jump awake lol

linda, thats a really good idea :D I should teach her that, would come in handy. We already are trying to get her to go up and down stairs only when we say and at a slow pace. she seems to be getting the hang of it lol but still forgets to go down slow

teresa, I know! I think I will cry when she destroys this toy and we can't find another one. will have to stock up on them lol

ann, it was fun and good practice :)

cindy, they actually make dog chocolate now o.0 I would be afraid the dog would mix human chocolate with the dog stuff. I would be sneaking a lot of chocolate outside lol if thats what woke the dog up :)

chrissy, I hope it settles down lol I couldn't raise a kid, unless you could put it in a crate to sleep ;p

marie, blogger is still causing comment problems :/ hopefully they figure out what is going wrong soon.

leslie, wonderful and bouncy. i think she is half kangaroo lol