Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Update

Didn't get time to print of some prints of the scarab today as we were working on the lawn. Dad is also in the hospital so I spent the evening playing phone tag trying to find out what was going on. :/

He was in the hospital for a heart infection but it had cleared up. Was staying with some friends who have some nurse training and last night had a fever so back in the hospital with him. Things are fine I was told by one of the nurses, but I should find out more tomorrow.

So prints definitely tomorrow and I think I found a good quote to put on the bookmarks too.

“Most children have a bug period, and I never grew out of mine.”

Edward O. Wilson

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Scarab Finished

copyright jennife rose phillipCopyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So after getting some good suggestions of putting this in photoshop or printing out copies and colouring the copies, I decided to leave the tail space open for right now. I can always fill it in the future, it didn't look right to me coloured in. I like the negative space it leaves uncoloured.

So its not as shiny as a peacock but I love the green colours. :)

Going to have prints tomorrow and probably a few ACEO prints to go with them. I might make some bookmarks with this printed on them if I can get the formatting right and I need to see if I can find any good quotes to put on the bookmarks. Suggestions?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scarab WIP post #3

Rain off and on all day here today, the clothes were wetter after I hung them out than they were coming out of the washer :p But the flowers are loving all the water (and it means we don't have to remember to water them)

Almost finished with the scarab. I need to finish filling in the big middle part to the tail and than get a good scan of this to make prints from. I'm not sure on whether or not to leave the long white spaces as is, or fill them. I like the negative space but I'm not sure if it needs more colour. Thoughts?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Watch out for the Fog

So Mr.Fuzzy's brother, his mom and his brother's fiancée wanted to go to Lunan Bay but didn't know how to get there. So we said we would lead them there, and as I really needed to go to Dundee to get some clothes we said we couldn't stay around long.

The weather was gorgeous at home but as we were driving to the bay we stared to see fog roll down from the hills. Was really cool actually, wish I had have had the camera out than. The fog was so thick you couldn't see the hills and the fields. Started to get a little cold so when we got to the bay wasn't really beach weather.

This is what the beach looked like. Very foggy and the water was cold (I put my feet in it and they turned blue, ok maybe not blue but it was cold)

There were actually a few dozen people on the beach and some of them were boating. odd people.

As we were leaving there was a stray Lab running around which Mr.Fuzzy managed to grab, but he didn't have any tags on. Really nice dog, probably not more than 8 months old (I didn't get a picture of him, I forgot about the camera. Was more worried about trying to find his owner and keeping him from getting run over). A really nice women gave us some dog treats to try to keep the puppy calm.

We phoned the cops and they said it would be half an hour before anyone came out to get him, so Mr.Fuzzy looped his belt through the puppies collar and went walking on the beach again to see if we could find his owner.

Managed to find the owner who wasn't what I would call greatful. Said in a polite way that the dog should have tags on, but don't think she cared. :/

So what was supposed to be a quick little tripped turned into about 2 hours on the beach.

Little bird in the rose hedge in the front yard. I really want to put a bird feeder in the yard. There is always bird in the yard and I think I could get some really nice shots if I put a feeder or a bird box there (with a piece of thin plexi under the box, sticking out a few inches. So when cats climb the pole, they get to the plexi which can't hold their weight and they fall off the pole. Kinda cruel but the cats kept killing the birds in the box that was in Mr.Fuzzy's parents yard and it was the only thing that worked )

Finished scarab tomorrow (unless I run into anymore stray dogs. I'm not going to be the old cat lady, I will be the old dog lady :p)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date For July

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So this month there was another picture to draw for the Virtual Sketch Date. I managed to get some more time this time around to participate and thought the fruit would make a nice ACEO.

This month the reference was supplied by Leslie and she has a really great tutorial on her blog so go check that out. Also go and look at all the other art that people have done this month. Links with all the art will be posted on Sunday. Enjoy all the different and wonderful art :D

*edit* I really have to remember not to watch a movie that has any kind of military vehicle in it, 'cause Mr.Fuzzy talks over the actors trying to explain how the vehicle works :P Then again it was only "Reign of Fire" and I just want to look at the dragons and Gerard Butler so I don't need to hear what they are saying :p

Friday, July 25, 2008

Scottish Word Returns Again

Been over a month since I have posted any Scottish words so here are 2 for this week:

1) behouchie
2) cantrip
So it is a good thing that the other greenhouse is now up because the tomatoes were taking over the small one (6x6 feet). The other one is 6 by 10 feet so lots of space now.

This is what the inside of the small one was like. I was standing in the door when I took this, you couldn't move due to all of the tomatoes :p

Another flower that we don't remember the name off. Pretty though :) Its some kind of climber that is all we know. Hopefully tomorrow is a nice day so that I can get my Foxgloves in the ground as they are going to die really soon if I don't. :/

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Home Card

The Dahlias are bigger than a baseball, and there about 6 more heads that still are waiting to bloom. The plant next to this one is about 6 inches taller but doesn't have any buds yet. Not sure if it will flower this year, it should as they were planted at the same time just the taller one is planted deeper.
More Anemones. There are a few more that look like they are going to bloom. Everyone really likes this plant, probably going to try to get different colours to plant next year so we can have a few different colours in pots.

So today in the mail we got a really nice surprise :) and a big laugh at it being addressed to Mr. Fuzzy. hmm wonder what the postman thought :p

It was this gorgeous card from Chrissy! Thanks!! :D It is very pretty! I really have to get started on my scrapbook so I can put this in it. Thanks again!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scarab WIP post #2

Gorgeous day yesterday so we went for a drive and ended up at Lunan Bay. Of course I had worn a skirt and I almost flashed a few people the wind was so strong lol For such a large beach there were not that many people there, but that could be because we were there around noon and people were just getting up :p

Had my eyes tested and while my vision has not changed enough to get new glasses (which surprises me as I need to wear them all the time now), I do have to be aware of the possibility of my retina detaching and should I have another “episode” where my vision blacks out again I need to get looked at as quickly as possible. Way to freak a person out :p

So a small update on the scarab. The blue scarab body is finished, I burnished the layers with a light blue pencil (could be a deco blue but it is an old Berol Prisma so only has a number). I might go over the body with a colourless blender at the end if I think it needs to be more reflective looking.

It is turning out to be a little harder than I thought to match up the colours that are on a Peacock. Close but not that close :/ Still think it is looking very nice and the idea is still a good one that I might just make a sculpture out of.

With new drawings that I am going to draw I really need to include detailed backgrounds, so I think that will be a goal for the next 2 months. Include backgrounds that are not just a few colours. With pets portraits a simple background is sometimes best, but with my fantasy art I want to try to make the backgrounds just as interesting as the main subject. This will be hard as backgrounds are not something I usually do, but figured its about time I started. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Morphing Time??

My laptop is at the flat tonight and it has the pictures of the scarab drawing on it so for today instead of art, here is a really cool animal (even though its teased to get it to change :/)

Southern White Faced Scops owl
from South Africa.Very cool to see how nature has evolved so that the bird changes its appearance like that.

Art update hopefully tomorrow, but definitely on Wednesday :) (my poor neglected blog and blog friends :( )

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet Fred

Fred is our kitchen spider. He has been making his way back and forth on the kitchen ceiling and unless he decides to land on my head he can stay around killing bugs :p

So the last post I wrote that I was going to finish art that had been pushed away for whatever reason. I decided to finish this scarab I started over a year ago. Thought doing a scarab in colour would be a nice change from the inked ones that I do. (picture is really washed out as I don't have a scanner hooked up at the moment)

Here the outline is filled in with canary yellow and various oranges going lightest to darkest to try to get a flame effect. I could use darker reds to push the values more but thought that I should wait until the rest is coloured to see if it does need to be darkened. I don't want it to be so dark that it over powers the rest of the image.

I thought that using a peacock colour sheme would look really nice, so picked out some light blues and purples to colour the main scarab. In this picture it still needs about 10 layers to get to a point that I will be happy with it. I am going to try to make the tail section look like the peacocks feathers, but a little more stylized.

Next week the Scottish word of the week will return and hopefully more art. I think after this is done I will either finish a few horses or a flower that was started months ago.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Killer Squash Attacks Again!

We had to undo the ties that were holding the giant squash as the wind was threatening to snap it in two. Since its been down for a few weeks the tendrils are starting to find other places to grow around. I wonder if you stood still long enough (days and days), the tendrils would grow around you?

A spuggie. Yeah I had no idea what John was talking about when he called the bird that lol

And the tomatoes are still growing well. Some of the smaller ones that had turned red have been eaten and I guess they taste better than store bought. The strawberries did taste better than the store bought ones. Not so bland. But no pictures of those as they were eaten pretty fast :D

I finally have all my art supplies unpacked. I want to try to finish all the work that I either put aside when I was angry, or art that I just didn't finish because I got bored with the piece. So I plan on posting more WIP and progress shots in the future. I have about 5 pieces that I can think off at teh top of my head that need to be finished. First up is a scarab I drew last year (I think), that I want to colour with coloured pencils.

I want to update my websites as well, add more art to the site and start on a site for my actual name. I want to have a professional look to it, easy to navigate and include all my contact details. The fuzzydragons site does include most of all that, but as much as I like the layout it doesn't scream professional at me. I know of a loto f people that have multiple sites so it shouldn't be a huge problem.

So one would think that without the net I wuold draw more, but time will tell :p I promise to have art on Friday, this blog needs more art! ;)

[ John says oblitersquate comes from 2Dtv. Never heard of it before]

Monday, July 14, 2008

Flowers Galore 2008

French Marigold (Early flowering due to being forced in greenhouse)
Yellow / White Dahlia
Dahlia closed flowerhead
Calendula (Marigolds are part of the Calendula genus...crappy trivia of the day from Mr.Fuzzy :P )

Some of Mr.Fuzzy's flowers that he has grown this year (well the calendula's popped up of their own accord)

The ants on the Dahlia are eating the blackfly that would eat the Dahlia so the ants can stay :-) [the ants go marching 2 by 2 hurrah, hurrah]*artist dancing here* (yes it is scary >> Mr.Fuzzy)

I actually do still draw the supplies are just buried in boxes :P

and today I demolished half the living room by tripping and falling, including a fold out tray table that had survived 23 years in Mr.Fuzzy's grandparents attic. Yes I'm a klutz :P [she oblitersquated it....a cookie for anyone who knows which TV show thats from and which character said it >> Mr.Fuzzy]

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Zealand Post #7

So we left the boulders and headed towards Dunedin. We wish we had of had more time to spend on the South Island as both of us liked the area more than we liked the North Island, but saw as much as we could with the week and half that I had left before I had to fly back to Canada. We spent a few days in Dunedin, walking around more and taking a few drives on the coast.

Hmmm taken on the drive to Dunedin. I really hope it refers to a bird or a rock :p I wonder how many people stop and take pictures of the sign lol

We ate at this really nice restaurant called Brimstone with flame torches on the wall. I ordered what I thought was a side dish and wasn't going to be that big but when the bowl of wedges showed up the bowl was bigger than my head and full of wedges. Good value for money but I couldn't eat all of it so had it put in a box for me to take away. Mr.Fuzzy ordered a medium meat pizza (which again was massive) and ate all but 2 slices. 8 pieces of pizza. He was determined to eat it all lol

And the next day I heated the wedges back and thought hey I should use up the rest of the cheese. Forgetting that it had been in the boot in the sun. So I guess I gave us food poisoning. I did ask Mr.Fuzzy if it should be all right and he thought it would be. Guess not :p

And we spent about over an hour driving around so that Mr.Fuzzy could take this picture, finding out later that it was only about a 10 minute walk from where we were staying :/

Peter Pan Land :D I can't say Kirriemur so I call it Peter Pan land. It sounds like I am saying curry mure :p We took pictures of any sign that had a name of a place either in Canada or in Scotland. Didn't take one of Normandale though, was a little out of our way to just drive there to take a picture of a sign lol

Baldwin Street. Steepest hill in the world? Not sure but it was steep enough for me. I stopped about 15 steps from the top to sit down on a bench I was pretty grateful for. Mr.Fuzzy walked all the way to the top. You got a great view of the area and the surrounding hills. Every time a car went up the hill you could hear the driver put on the speed to try to get into their driveway.

View going up the hill. It doesn't actually look that steep from this angle but,..

The road disappears when you look down the road from close to the top. It looks like the road just collapsed. It is hard to see in the pictures, but it is friken steep.

It was a gorgeous day out and while it was a bit tiring walking/climbing up the hill I am glad we did it. Not everyday you can say you climbed the steepest hill in the world.

Dunedin had a lot of really nice buildings, I could probably make one post by itself just with photos of a lot of really odd and neat buildings. Because Mr.Fuzzy was there for a month and walked around a lot, he has a lot of photo of the area.

I think this is either a church of part of the college. Not 100% sure

The train station. The grounds were gorgeous and inside the tile work was beautiful.

I love how this cloud looks like its blanketing the city.

You definitely got a work out walking around, the city was very hilly.

So I had to fly back to Auckland from Christchurch and then start the journey home. Very tearful goodbyes all round. Mr.Fuzzy stayed in NZ for a few more weeks before flying to Canada and then its been lots of traveling back and forth between countries before settling here :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

*apologies for lack of commenting, no net at our flat yet. But I can use the net at my in laws so I can still get emails :D*

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Zealand Part 6

Timaru. Well the view from our room window. The sky was so blue and the weather was wonderful. I fell again (nope wasn't drunk this time either). Tripped in a pothole at the back of the hostel and put a hole in the new sarong I had bought. I still have it, but have to be careful how I tie it or it has a habit of slipping and I don't want to scare people if it slips :p

The front of the hostel. Was very clean and the staff were nice :)

And we were going to go straight to Dunedin but stopped off to see these really cool boulders. (yes, thats my pale leg :p and my favourite sarong [ying yang dragons, lots of bright colours])

Little plaque illustrating how the boulders are formed. I am really glad we stopped to see this stretch of land. If I had of been on a bus I probably would have missed it (even though there was a big-green-fuck-truck parked in the parking lot, but you wouldn't catch me on one of those even if I was dead)

Pretty hard to do anyway without sliding off of the boulders as they were pretty slippery and kinda dangerous to climb. Kinda sad that this has to be put up :( I did see one chick climbing onto one of them, but she didn't get very far before she started sliding back down.

Furry rocks! Actually slimy rocks :p

hmmm bad food? ;) No I know what this person meant, but isn't this a tad hypocritical?

Its like some creepy killer fungus from a bad horror movie! no its just the what the insides of the rocks look like after being exposed for awhile.
One of the boulders that had broken and was filled with a little tide pool. Wasn't anything floating in it that I could see though, but I wasn't going to stick my hand in to check. I walked out into the water but not even up to my knees. The water was freezing! And I was afraid I would get eaten by a shark. But Mr.Fuzzy went for a quick swim and I was crossing my fingers he didn't get eaten by a shark because I don't know how to drive stick lol ;) (I am told it was the wrong area for sharks, but tell that to the next tourist that gets eaten by Jaws :p I actually don't mind sharks, think they get a really bad rep but still don't want to get attacked by one)

A picture of a group of boulders. When we went the tide was out and neither of us felt like hanging around until it came back in, so we decided to jump back in the car and try to make it to the next town.
But after I left for canuck land Mr.Fuzzy went back and the tide was in so he got some more pictures. This is one of my favourite shots :D

Next: The trip is almost at an end