Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Flat

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
For Sale Here

I am having a sale of artwork that keeps piling up that I wan't going to sell but we need the space (and the money :p) because....

We got a flat! :D bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen. Nice small space just going to take a few more days to get all the wallpaper off (I hate wallpaper).

This is the bedroom. This really ugly violet/lilac colour but the whole room isn't painted this way. The other wall has a big pink section and floral wallpaper and they painted this violet colour over more wallpaper. All the wallpaper would have been scrapped away in this room today, but there are 5 layers of it :/ So back tomorrow to try to get it finished. And the previous tenants had a cat because there are claw marks all over the wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen, but nowhere else :p

The hallway ceiling (that wallpaper is going to, funny enough its the same wallpaper that is in John's brother's room). The white parts have been bleached. tobacco smoke marks......ew/ick.

And a view of the drying green in need of a trim with a weed whacker. The front lawn needs a lot of work too, but there is a rose hedge with very pretty yellow and pink flowers on the front border. Both yards will look really nice once they are worked on some more.

We are just going to paint everything in the house, and get some cheap carpet and vinyl for the floors. There is a lot of light in the flat which is really nice :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dragon Duo

"Dragon Duo" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Inktense and Graphite on Stonehenge

For Sale here

So the dragon trio became the dragon duo when I had an accident with the other card but thats ok :) I really do need to use the Inktense pencils more often, the colours are so bright even a few days later.

And it rained pretty heavily here a few days ago so because we were bored, we took video :p But I am having a really hard time getting it online *angry face* If I can get it online I will post it.

This weeks Scottish words:

1. mince

2. quair

Answer to last weeks Scottish word:

1. goldie term for a glass of whiskey

Big news from us in the next few days :) Well not that big, but still exciting for us (no before anyone asks it has nothing to do with kids) :p

The giant killer squash outside :) I really should stand beside it so you can see how tall it actually is. Way too many plants in that pot :p Everything else is still growing really well. We have more daisies than we know what to do with, which happened last year too. But I like daisies and they are easy to take care of. Add some bright colours to gardens.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Treasury West

I was just looking around the treasuries on Etsy today and I got the chance to make a treasury on the treasury west part of the site (took a long time because I didn't have anything picked out)
To get a better look and maybe leave a comment look here :D I love those wings!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Search for Buttons

"Dragon Trio" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Still working on the graphite drawing of Deuce. He has really fuzzy ears. Fur everywhere :p So its taking a little longer than I thought it would to get the basic highlights down. hmmm shaved dogs are so much easier to draw (jk). [side note: You would be really surprised how many dogs we had to pig skin at the dog groomers because their owners did not take care of them. So all the fur had to go :( Pyrenean Mountain Dogs should not have to be shaved :( ]

So when I need a break from all of Deuce's fur I am going to be working on those 3 ACEOs up there, finishing the dragons with graphite. Used Inktense pencils for the background. I love how bright the colours are :D And I am going to also work on this scarab from last year. I think once I have transfered the line art again (seemed to have lost the one that I had done) I will colour it with coloured pencil. I think it would look really nice coloured and if I can make certain parts shine like they are jewels I think it will look wonderful. :) I'm trying to finish all of the projects that I have laying around before I start anything else. Or course I probably will see something else I want to draw, or some other fabric I must have :p

I am finally getting around to making a bag out of this blue fabric. I have just enough of the fabric with the moons on it to make a decent sized bag that will hold everything I need it to

I have everything I need but buttons. So I need to go button searching and the first place I looked was Etsy :) So if I can't find any buttons tomorrow in the city, than I know where to get some :) Blue or purple??

Saturday, May 24, 2008

hmm I think I have a Problem

Everyday Matters Challenge #44 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Hi, my name is Jen and I think I'm addicted to the net :/ Well could be worse. Could be a lot worse. hmm I have yet to actually decide if it actually is a problem or that I am just really bored :p So I am planning on changing how often I update this blog. Instead of almost everyday I am going to go to posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the occasional Saturday. Probably do this the whole summer and than go back to everyday posting in the winter. Of course if something happens on anyday I will post about it :)

So yeah said I wasn't going to go online for a week. That lasted an hour :p I watched Blade Runner and actually managed to watch more than 10 minutes without falling asleep. Definitely one of those movies you either hate or like. I haven't decided. I think I need to watch it again.

The tomatoes have been separated from mutant blood thirsty squash. We really need to get the other greenhouse up before this fills up this one :p

And my rose bush is going to flower! I didn't think it would this year after we transplanted it. Supposed to be red roses, so I am hoping I get some nice pistures of it to draw

And we still have no idea what this is. There are Lily seeds in this, but this doesn't look like any Lily I have ever seen growing. Could be a weed for all we know.

The bottom of my Cacti pots have roots, so they are trying to grow. They just haven't sprouted yet. Hoping they do soon.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking a Break

Going to take a break from the net for a week so back next Friday with some more Scottish words, but for now here are the answers to last weeks and a word for the coming week.

This weeks word:

1. goldie

Answers to last weeks Scottish words:

1. grue means to shudder

2. slater is a woodlouse

3. bubbly jock is a male turkey

Back next week! :) I'm still going to check my email so I can still be contacted if anyone wants to talk to me :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small Update on Deuce

"Deuce" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started laying filling in the eyes and nose on this cute guy :) Used a HB pencil so far. Awhile ago I would start first with a 4H pencil and go darker from there, but now don't think I need to use such light pencils when I can get the same effect with the darker ones. So going to fill in the basic highlights and shadows with the HB and go from there (and I got a great deal on 100 HB pencils so need to use them up [just over $10 I think]). Considering he is solid black in a lot of places, I can see my hands getting covered in graphite dust. (must remember not to wear white or touch anything that is white while working on this) :p

My laptop has to get packed up, and picked up tomorrow to get sent away to get fixed. Not sure how long it will be gone. :(

Listed a print of the dragons around the pentacles on Etsy :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor Little Laptop

Cactus ACEO Contest card #1
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So this is the first of the 2 cactus ACEOs finished. Was going to get the second one finished but had to go get some stitches out and get food. :) The second ACEO is going to be very bright, well thats the plan anyway ;p

John's parents just got back from their vacation and they took a lot of nice photos. I thought this one was just really wonderful! Sand dragon! that actually blew flames out of his nostrils :) I always wanted to try to make a sand dragon, just maybe one that didn't blow flames. Don't feel like setting myself on fire :p

And my poor laptop is acting up. The DVD/CD drive is not copying anything, makes a bunch of really bad sounding noises and just generally doesn't work sometimes. But it is still under the warranty so it should get fixed. John aka Mr Fuzzy is going to put his computer degree to good use and yell at them over the phone tomorrow :p (Gateway officially have crappy online support...the metaphor of drinking session and brewery apply here >> Mr Fuzzy)

Blogging with a Purpose

I was given an award from the very nice Chrissy :) Go read and check out her blog :) Lots of interesting things to read and see :) hmm I don't generally have a purpose when I blog. Just try to think of anything to say or post and hopefully it includes art more than once a week ;)


I added a little drop down menu on the left listing some of the blogs and websites I visit. Hopefully all the links work. I still have more to add and if I missed anyone, please let me know :)

Chance to win some lovely "candy" over here at Deb's blog :) To help her get over 2000 visitors (which she now has)

And now, off to bed :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

No Magick Beanstalk Though

An update on the greenhouse :)

My little cacti are still not doing anything :( But the seed packet did say it can take 2 months. I hope they start growing soon, but I have a lot of seeds left and I am determined to grow a cacti no matter what it takes :)

I honestly don't remember what all is on here right now. Most of it is veggies though. The bigger pot on the right is John's pumpkins which are growing wonderfully! We don't know why the other leaves are starting to go yellow though :( Going to have to do some research, unless anyone has an idea why that is happening?

My rose bush is growing like a weed :D Yay I didn't manage to kill something :p lol The little pots are doing much better, they still might live. So I will have a few different rose bushes to take care of. (we don't always water them this much, it was very hot here today and all the pots were almost bone dry)

And my hands are feeling a lot better today (Thank you everyone for the well wishes!) So I managed to start a few little ACEOs. Started the ones I am going to be giving away in my Name my Cacti Contest. I need to finish those, and finish the eagle I started a few weeks ago. And than I want to try to focus on another dragon drawing. Probably look into finding a scene from dragon mythology, just need to find one that would make an interesting picture (I am sure there are a lot of dragon stories that would be very nice coloured pencil drawings).

Well I do know I am going to have lots of squash to draw this fall :p John is going to need help separating the tomato plants out of this pot before the killer mutant squash takes over :p

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Virtual Sketch

Virtual Sketch Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Over at Illustrated Life there a bunch of people that are participating in a virtual sketch. Once I knew it wasn't going to be a person that people would have to draw (drawing people really takes me forever) I really wanted to join :)

So the other people participating: Jeanette, Rose, Jeanne, Stacy, Belinda, Gayle, Teresa, Katherine and Paulette.

I had planned on doing a more refined sketch, but than this happened so yesterday really wasn't that productive :(

I would love to participate in any other virtual sketches and hopefully next time my hands don't start to act up. hmmm, might have to start painting with my toes ;p

Friday, May 16, 2008

Scottish Words Return

Tomatos in the greenhouse :D And there is probably another dozen plants in different containers. Good thing making tomato sauce is easy. :p

John's pumpkins are doing really well. He is going to separate them soon. Not sure if he is going to put them outside in the cold frame or keep them in the greenhouse. Need to keep the cats away from them anyway.

John's dad built this little shelf for one side, I think there is going to be another at the back of the greenhouse. The little trays that have herbs planted in them fit really nicely on the bottom.

And I found my little dictionary so I can post the answer to the last Scottish word finally :D but first here are 3 words for this week.

1. grue
2. slater
3. bubbly jock

Answer to the last word posted

1. horny-golach is an earwig ugh

(and the hospital went all right, probably post that on my Livejournal tomorrow but for now I am off to watch a cheesy movie about a giant crocodile. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everyday Matters Challenge #112

Everyday Matters Challenge #112
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Odd looking pear :p I didn't realize how much it looked like a nose until I started drawing it.

And the finished Monarch pattern ACEO :) Very simple, but I like it :)

"Monarch Pattern" ACEO
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
For Sale HERE

I'm at the hospital tomorrow and don't know how long I am going to be really drowsy, so might not be some posts for a few days.

SPT May 15,2008

SPT May 15,2008
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons
This weeks SPT. I really do wish that I could think of more interesting pictures. Would probably be easier if I knew how to work the timer on our camera :p

And shock upon shock, I actually have art to post later :p

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jazz Hands

Finally have our wedding rings the right size. After 2 and a half years.:) And I have mentioned here in the past that I was born with an extra finger on my left hand. Well here is a picture of the scar. Its actually very hard to get a picture of. While I don't think that it will ever fade, and looks much more impressive in person lol (extreme close up of all the lines on my finger :p)

Start of an ACEO card. Chose the wing pattern of a Monarch. Its usually a butterfly that people recognise. I did not know that they are toxic to many other animals. Learn something new everyday :D (always good to learn about animals not to touch :p ) I hope to do a few ACEOs of many different patterns and full body shots of the butterflies. Lots of pictures to go through (580)
John's brother bought World of Warcraft. I love the previous games and the only thing stopping me from playing World of Warcraft was the cost. But there is a guest pass with the game which has been staring at me. Its a dilemma :p If I play the 10 day guest pass I know I will get addicted to the game and never get any drawing done, unless its fan art :p (yes playing the game is more of a dilemma than getting the paperwork for my ILR :p)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ants go Marching 2 by 2....

There was an area in a corner that was full of ants, which I thought was cool. But than I looked up. Rope strung above people's head where the ants were scurrying back and forth. I kept thinking they were going to fall onto my head :p

I just thought the markings on this butterfly were gorgeous. :D

This Duck had flown down to this pond and was raising her family. She was lame but seemed to be getting around all right. Smart duck though. The only predators that I could think could have gotten in there were Falcons or Eagles, and there was some foliage around for them to hide in.
Felt like a Q-Tip was moving around on my hand. Very cool (but the ants creeped me out :p)

And some video of me acting like a 5 year old :p

Monday, May 12, 2008


Went to Edinburgh Butterfly World today. Nice little small place, but very very humid and hot. Took lots of pictures and a short video clip which I might post tomorrow. Was very cool though how there were always butterflies flying all over the place. A few landed on John, might have to do with the fact he was wearing a red shirt, but I have no idea. So more photos tomorrow but for now I am off to pass out lol

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Marigolds Everywhere

What?Re-potted lots of marigolds. Lots. I think there are 3 hanging baskets, 3 pots, 2 hedge boxes. I think thats it. If I never see a marigold seedlings again I will be happy :p

Pictures of the yard after John's mom and dad did a lot of work on it. I can't even start to name all of the potted plants that are in the yard. There are still more seedlings in the greenhouse that either have to go in pots or in the ground in the front yard. I just spent the afternoon re-potting plants and tried to help without killing myself. Today it seemed like I was trying to make myself end up in the hospital earlier than the 16th :p Tripped over the hose, that I left laying out. Got a sliver underneath my nail that hurt a lot :p. Got stuck kneeling down and twisted my back trying to get up. And almost dropped a tray from the oven on my foot. After that I decided not to do much besides watch bad tv shows lol

This bench was beside the garage/shed but now its next to a bunch of plants that attract bees. So while you might enjoy the sun and the nice day you might end up stung by killer bees ;p

There are always birds in the bird bath you can kind of see behind the birdhouse. This picture makes the yard look smaller than it actually is. The yard is going to be full of colour if the plants decide to live :)

I swear I still draw!! ;)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Killer Toast of Doom

A piece of buttered toast tried to kill me today! Well at least it wasn't covered with vegemite. The smell alone would be enough to kill me ;p I first tried Vegemite in New Zealand, I think it was the second day I had known John. He was having some for breakfast and offered me a slice. I had one bite and had to really resist the urge not to spit it out lol I keep forgetting to go through all the pictures we have and draw some of them. We both got quite a few nice landscape shots that would make really nice coloured pencil drawings or if I had some paint, some really nice gigantic paintings :D

Pictures of the stuff growing in the greenhouse. The big pot in the back has the ornamental squash and little tomatoes coming up. Tomatoes to the left, which are growing really well. Daises in the back by the big pot, Asters next to that. The strawberry plant has flowers on it :D Fuschia infront of the strawberry plant and to the right of the tomatoes and behind my little cacti pots. And more daises in the green tray on the bottom left of the picture.

And in this one we have; The big green leafy thing is a rhubarb. We think the back pot in the corner has lillies in it. My Foxglove growing nicely beside that. The little blue pot under the giant mutant rhubarb leaf is full of marigolds. The little pots in front of the giant genetically mutant rhubarb are cucumber and courgettes (I don't know the difference between the 2). The big pot under the leaf in the front are pumpkins. John wants to grow a 600 pound pumpkin. No idea where we would put the thing if he succeeds. I don't think the yard is big enough for one ;) The rest we have no idea what they are right now. But we did label most things this year so it is written on the sides of the containers :p

And another picture of my head :p I use to have my hair in front of my eyes when it was longer and take a nap in school. hmm either the teachers didn't notice or they just didn't care :p

Thursday, May 08, 2008

SPT May 8,2008

SPT May 8,2008
Originally uploaded by fuzzydragons
Picture of my hair cut :) Bob cut (no its wasn't cut by a man named Bob :p) Short as it can get without having to shave or layer the back of my head. Its about 2 inches longer in the front. John's mom had her hair cut today too, nice and short for the summer and their vacation next week. It looks really good on her :) My hair looks a little flat here, she used straighteners, which I never use. I figure its already straight enough. She did thin my hair though because when it is cut this short it has a tendency to go really poofy :p

Just need to dye it now. Have to decide on if I dye it bright fire engine red or purple :D Ideas?

Battle Royal

What an odd movie. Not a bad movie, just the first word out of my mouth when it was finished was odd. Yeah it is bloody and violent, so maybe I have watched too many horror flicks and have become desensitized to all the violence (which I doubt, just because there were a few scenes that kind of made me go ouch).

I did laugh at the girl in the training video. She is just way too perky to take seriously. Which might be the point.

John had been looking forever for this on DVD as he had only seen clips of the girl in the training video. Found it a few weeks ago but just last night watched it. Had subtitles, which I prefer over dubbing someone.

And really how is one supposed to kill someone with a pot lid?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pentacle Dragons Finished

copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip"Pentacle Dragons" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Finished this today *does a little dance for joy*. Nice to do something just for myself and not worry about what other people will like or not. Don't get me wrong. I really like when people like my art and like it when people give me feedback of any kind (well if the whole of the feedback is swear words, I don't like that so much :p).

off to watch really badly dubbed movies lol

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Green Fur Up My Nose

So didn't get any drawing done today. We went for a walk down town to enjoy the nice weather, pay some bills, go get something to read and we stopped into The Meffan. They had an exhibit by Paola McClure there, and while it wasn't John's cup of tea or other beverage of choice, I thought the exhibit was very nice. Lots of different colours to look at and all the items shown were arranged very nicely. :)

I am going to be blowing green fur out of my nose for the next few days :p Going to cut this fabric up to make some green and white dragons with the tartan fabric on the bellies and the underside of their wings. I might have to go get some more white fuzzy fabric though. (and try to resist buying any more fabric until I make some more things with the fabric I have ;) )

John trying to get pictures from my laptop burnt onto a DVD (wasn't working right)

The little room was finished today. New wallpaper and new carpet, both make the little room look a lot bigger :) Just need to unpack the boxes now and try to find my little book of Scottish words. :)

*coughs up green fabric*

Monday, May 05, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Very pretty flower growing very well in the greenhouse :) Might be a little too hot in there lol Spent the day planting and repotting some plants. Lilies and nasturtiums, Pompon Dahlias (which if they grown will make for really nice photos), and other plants I can't pronounce lol.

But I did manage to work a bit on the dragons (ignore the direction of the star, not going to be that way it when finished. Just saying in case people want to say that when its that way its evil.) Need to add a few more greens and probably purples to the green dragon and than blue for the wings.

And don't forget my little contest to name my Cacti (if they ever start growing) :D Here is a picture of the whole of the above posted flower. It is much more vibrant than the pictures show. My little Cacti pots are sitting to the right looking a little empty *sobs*. hmmm...well they have another 2 weeks to sprout before I have to try some different seeds so *fingers crossed* :D