Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Flat

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I am having a sale of artwork that keeps piling up that I wan't going to sell but we need the space (and the money :p) because....

We got a flat! :D bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen. Nice small space just going to take a few more days to get all the wallpaper off (I hate wallpaper).

This is the bedroom. This really ugly violet/lilac colour but the whole room isn't painted this way. The other wall has a big pink section and floral wallpaper and they painted this violet colour over more wallpaper. All the wallpaper would have been scrapped away in this room today, but there are 5 layers of it :/ So back tomorrow to try to get it finished. And the previous tenants had a cat because there are claw marks all over the wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen, but nowhere else :p

The hallway ceiling (that wallpaper is going to, funny enough its the same wallpaper that is in John's brother's room). The white parts have been bleached. tobacco smoke marks......ew/ick.

And a view of the drying green in need of a trim with a weed whacker. The front lawn needs a lot of work too, but there is a rose hedge with very pretty yellow and pink flowers on the front border. Both yards will look really nice once they are worked on some more.

We are just going to paint everything in the house, and get some cheap carpet and vinyl for the floors. There is a lot of light in the flat which is really nice :)


leslie said...

I am so excited for you! Yipppieee!!!
Are those garlic flowers blooming alresdy in the garden?
Lots of work to do, it seems, but it will all be so satisfying as you do it, bit by bit!

Jennifer Rose said...

just lots and lots of dandelions :/ we are really excited too! :D

Chrissy said...

Great news, it will be real nice for you both :-) At least the hard work is for yourselves....once you get the worst out the way, its little by little...:-D :-D

Jennifer Rose said...

it is great news :) The living room was completely stripped today yay! lol I think the bedroom is finished too, so the little bit of the bathroom and the kitchen is left now :) If it wasn't for John's family it would have taken weeks. Its really great of them to help us! :D

Tizzalicious said...

How exciting! Good luck with the painting and everything!

Ann said...

How exciting! I'm sure you'll have everything just the way you want it in no time!