Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blogging with a Purpose

I was given an award from the very nice Chrissy :) Go read and check out her blog :) Lots of interesting things to read and see :) hmm I don't generally have a purpose when I blog. Just try to think of anything to say or post and hopefully it includes art more than once a week ;)


I added a little drop down menu on the left listing some of the blogs and websites I visit. Hopefully all the links work. I still have more to add and if I missed anyone, please let me know :)

Chance to win some lovely "candy" over here at Deb's blog :) To help her get over 2000 visitors (which she now has)

And now, off to bed :)


nuvonova said...

Oh I've been wondering how the drop down menu actually looks on a blog, as my list is starting to get quite long! Not bad at all!
(p.s. you're on my blog today!)

Jennifer Rose said...

The drop down menu does make things look a little neater. I wanted to add more links to my list but didn't want the list being huge.

Thanks! :D