Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Small Update on Deuce

"Deuce" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Started laying filling in the eyes and nose on this cute guy :) Used a HB pencil so far. Awhile ago I would start first with a 4H pencil and go darker from there, but now don't think I need to use such light pencils when I can get the same effect with the darker ones. So going to fill in the basic highlights and shadows with the HB and go from there (and I got a great deal on 100 HB pencils so need to use them up [just over $10 I think]). Considering he is solid black in a lot of places, I can see my hands getting covered in graphite dust. (must remember not to wear white or touch anything that is white while working on this) :p

My laptop has to get packed up, and picked up tomorrow to get sent away to get fixed. Not sure how long it will be gone. :(

Listed a print of the dragons around the pentacles on Etsy :)


Chrissy said...

Love the cactus ACEO and will be good to see Deuce progress....soz about your laptop :-( But best to get it sorted :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :) I'm hoping it looks enough like Deuce when it is finished that his owner thinks the drawing is a good representation of him :)

yeah at least the laptop is still under the warranty. Not an expensive part to fix, but would rather it not cost me anything right now lol

leslie said...

Those are his eyes!!
He uses those particular "eyes" when he lays his chin down hard on my knee, and assumes I know that it means I am to get him a treat. Which I do.
Looks great, Jennifer!

spiralsun65 said...

Hope you're feeling better now and that your laptop comes home fully recovered. Thanks for offering to post the link to the sketch challenge - I'd love to have a go

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks chrissy :)

lol! glad the eyes look right :) hmm not too many treats or he is going to end up with a little pot belly :p

Thanks spiral. I feel much better now, still bruised but at least the pain is pretty much gone. :) I offered to post the reference picture for next months, so now I just have to decide what to pick. Leaning towards some flowers or a landscape of a Scottish area. :) I will def. post the link so you and anyone else can participate :D