Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Green Fur Up My Nose

So didn't get any drawing done today. We went for a walk down town to enjoy the nice weather, pay some bills, go get something to read and we stopped into The Meffan. They had an exhibit by Paola McClure there, and while it wasn't John's cup of tea or other beverage of choice, I thought the exhibit was very nice. Lots of different colours to look at and all the items shown were arranged very nicely. :)

I am going to be blowing green fur out of my nose for the next few days :p Going to cut this fabric up to make some green and white dragons with the tartan fabric on the bellies and the underside of their wings. I might have to go get some more white fuzzy fabric though. (and try to resist buying any more fabric until I make some more things with the fabric I have ;) )

John trying to get pictures from my laptop burnt onto a DVD (wasn't working right)

The little room was finished today. New wallpaper and new carpet, both make the little room look a lot bigger :) Just need to unpack the boxes now and try to find my little book of Scottish words. :)

*coughs up green fabric*

1 comment:

leslie said...

The tartan bellies are going to be adorable.
Gosh. I hope you don't still have some of the pink fuzzzzz up your nose. That would be some seriously technicolor boogies!