Monday, May 05, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Very pretty flower growing very well in the greenhouse :) Might be a little too hot in there lol Spent the day planting and repotting some plants. Lilies and nasturtiums, Pompon Dahlias (which if they grown will make for really nice photos), and other plants I can't pronounce lol.

But I did manage to work a bit on the dragons (ignore the direction of the star, not going to be that way it when finished. Just saying in case people want to say that when its that way its evil.) Need to add a few more greens and probably purples to the green dragon and than blue for the wings.

And don't forget my little contest to name my Cacti (if they ever start growing) :D Here is a picture of the whole of the above posted flower. It is much more vibrant than the pictures show. My little Cacti pots are sitting to the right looking a little empty *sobs*. hmmm...well they have another 2 weeks to sprout before I have to try some different seeds so *fingers crossed* :D

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Chrissy said...

I love the dragons, they are coming on nicely...very delicate. It looks like it must take ages to do them? I have never tried pencil type watercolours apart from colouring in rubber stamps...How can you sell them after all that effort?
Hope your plants start to flourish :-D I thinks its pretty brave trying to grow cacti from seed anyway, LOL....Oh and what if they look girly when they grow...someone needs to come up with some girly names too - Clarissa!!! - ChrissyX