Saturday, April 26, 2008

Name My Cacti

*edit* Going to have this contest run for 2 months because that is how long the seed packet said it might take for something to sprout. But if after 2 months nothing comes up I will still pick a name and try again growing a cacti :) I have gotten some really nice names, but the more the better :) And instead of 1 ACEO I am going to be giving away 2!

So we went out and bought some more cacti seeds, but we still don't know where the ones I bought 2 weeks ago went. We planted between 4 and 7 seeds in each of these 2 pots. So hopefully something starts to grow (I will have to separate them if more than 2 decide to sprout in each pot). So I am going to have a little contest. For a month I will take names to name the cacti. Depending on how many names I get, I will stick the top 5 names into a cup and pick one from there. You can enter how many times you wish, (well 100 is probably overkill :p). What ever name I pick, the person who suggested the name will get an ACEO of a cactus :) So either comment here with your name suggestion or send it to my email :)

I haven't had a lot of time to draw the last few days but here is a small update on the dragons :) Finished up the star and laid down the basic colours for one of the dragons.

And I didn't forget about the Scottish Word of the Week. I just have lost my little book with all the words in it. Moving things around and its in a box right now. So next Friday I will post 2 words to make up for not having one this week. :)


spiralsun65 said...

That dragon is coming along really beautifully. We planted some passionflower seeds ages and ages ago (like last year) and thought they would never come up. A couple of weeks ago we suddenly had so many that we had to buy a load more pots so we could spread all the seedlings out. I like Kevin for a cactus.

Chrissy said...

How about Nopal which is the Aztek work for cactus? Lovely blog btw - ChrissyX

Anonymous said...

how bout Carl the cacti? the dragons look good. or whatta bout pokie the cacti?

Rita said...

Can't wait to see how this dragon piece turns out Jennifer! I like the concept and the detail is fantastic.

If I could pick a name for a cactus I'd call it 'Bob'.

Mr Fuzzy said...

darn i was gonna suggest bob also, life would simpler if everyone had the same name with a number after it then you would only have to remember one girl and one guys name.....yeah i have too much time on my hands.

how about mr pointy? :P

Jennifer Rose said...

spiral-thats what happened with our daises last year. We planted way too many thinking nothing would come up and we ended up with a front yard full of them. Was pretty though :)

I like that name chrissy! its very prett :)

Carl? :p Carl the cacti. well it does flow off the tongue lol

lol Rita. I was going to call it Bob but thought I would see if people had any names suggestions. So now Bob goes on the list too :)

Mr.pointy....this is kinda cheating though because if these are all the suggestions I get they all go in a hat and if I pick this one I wouldn't have to draw anything :p

Arty Allsorts said...

I'm queen of stating the obvious so why don't you call your cactus... Spike?

I haven't planted seeds for years but I've just got a load of bulbs so should be potting them up soon - hopefully I'll get a few flowers out of them!

"JeanneG" said...

I like your virtual sketch. Thanks for providing the photo.

For the cactus, I like the name Thorn.

Jennifer Rose said...

*adds thorn to the pile of names* :D

Jennifer said...

I have to go with Phil. Phil the cactus. Love it!

debsmuddle said...

how about Christopher the Cactus

Jewel said...

How about Krissy? :D Or even Sutcac ;) Beautiful dragons, by the way.

Chrissy said...

I am sure I added Clarissa somewhere, or Carrie,...or ickle prickle....PMSL

leslie said...

I think Pokey is a perfect name, seeing as how it's taking so ling to emerge.
I thought I had submitted a few names along the way, but maybe I didn't.
Ouch the Cactus
Pokey mon

Macpurp said...

hiya, came to check out your blog as Chrissy mentioned you in mine. about Stabby Joe?

hey I have eaten too many sweets today so may regret all I type tonight !
nice to meet you

Jennifer Rose said...

*adds all the names to the lists* :D

will do the drawing very soon :)