Friday, May 30, 2008

Dragon Duo

"Dragon Duo" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip
Inktense and Graphite on Stonehenge

For Sale here

So the dragon trio became the dragon duo when I had an accident with the other card but thats ok :) I really do need to use the Inktense pencils more often, the colours are so bright even a few days later.

And it rained pretty heavily here a few days ago so because we were bored, we took video :p But I am having a really hard time getting it online *angry face* If I can get it online I will post it.

This weeks Scottish words:

1. mince

2. quair

Answer to last weeks Scottish word:

1. goldie term for a glass of whiskey

Big news from us in the next few days :) Well not that big, but still exciting for us (no before anyone asks it has nothing to do with kids) :p

The giant killer squash outside :) I really should stand beside it so you can see how tall it actually is. Way too many plants in that pot :p Everything else is still growing really well. We have more daisies than we know what to do with, which happened last year too. But I like daisies and they are easy to take care of. Add some bright colours to gardens.


nuvonova said...

Lovely ACEO's, I instantly thought of the film Eragon, which I hope they make the second one soon!!

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :D I read Eragon but haven't seen the movie yet, which is odd because if a movie has dragons in it I try to watch it as soon as possible. I have the game for the PS2, but haven't finished it yet. I keep forgetting to read the second book, and from what I have read because the movie really did not do well at the box office there probably wont be a second movie :/

Tizzalicious said...

Is mince ground beef?

Setting up a mailing list was really easy! And free at bravenet! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

yep mince is ground beef :D

thanks good to know that it is free :D I will get around to getting a mailing list one day. Just another thing to add to the ever growing to do list :p