Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poor Little Laptop

Cactus ACEO Contest card #1
Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

So this is the first of the 2 cactus ACEOs finished. Was going to get the second one finished but had to go get some stitches out and get food. :) The second ACEO is going to be very bright, well thats the plan anyway ;p

John's parents just got back from their vacation and they took a lot of nice photos. I thought this one was just really wonderful! Sand dragon! that actually blew flames out of his nostrils :) I always wanted to try to make a sand dragon, just maybe one that didn't blow flames. Don't feel like setting myself on fire :p

And my poor laptop is acting up. The DVD/CD drive is not copying anything, makes a bunch of really bad sounding noises and just generally doesn't work sometimes. But it is still under the warranty so it should get fixed. John aka Mr Fuzzy is going to put his computer degree to good use and yell at them over the phone tomorrow :p (Gateway officially have crappy online support...the metaphor of drinking session and brewery apply here >> Mr Fuzzy)

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Chrissy said...

The sand dragon is truly brilliant :-)