Monday, May 26, 2008

The Search for Buttons

"Dragon Trio" Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Still working on the graphite drawing of Deuce. He has really fuzzy ears. Fur everywhere :p So its taking a little longer than I thought it would to get the basic highlights down. hmmm shaved dogs are so much easier to draw (jk). [side note: You would be really surprised how many dogs we had to pig skin at the dog groomers because their owners did not take care of them. So all the fur had to go :( Pyrenean Mountain Dogs should not have to be shaved :( ]

So when I need a break from all of Deuce's fur I am going to be working on those 3 ACEOs up there, finishing the dragons with graphite. Used Inktense pencils for the background. I love how bright the colours are :D And I am going to also work on this scarab from last year. I think once I have transfered the line art again (seemed to have lost the one that I had done) I will colour it with coloured pencil. I think it would look really nice coloured and if I can make certain parts shine like they are jewels I think it will look wonderful. :) I'm trying to finish all of the projects that I have laying around before I start anything else. Or course I probably will see something else I want to draw, or some other fabric I must have :p

I am finally getting around to making a bag out of this blue fabric. I have just enough of the fabric with the moons on it to make a decent sized bag that will hold everything I need it to

I have everything I need but buttons. So I need to go button searching and the first place I looked was Etsy :) So if I can't find any buttons tomorrow in the city, than I know where to get some :) Blue or purple??


Chrissy said...

Lovely, silver or white buttons :-D
Great dragons too, I love the vibrancy of the colours and the drawings look great :-D...ChrissyX

Jennifer Rose said...

hmm silver would look really nice :) found buttons today, but for the price of 8 I could get the ones off of Etsy. So def. going to order them from Etsy. I should see if I can find silver buttons :D

Thanks about the dragons :D I love the colours you can get from the Inktense pencils. (just wish they were cheaper :/ )

spiralsun65 said...

Be sure to show us it when it's finished! :-D

Jennifer Rose said...

I will :D Probably make a WIP progress :)