Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finished Scarab Lineart

Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Spent most of today outside, re-planting daisies and raking dirt. Tried to avoid a few slugs too, ewww. Give me snakes, spiders and almost any other creepy crawly (snakes are not creepy though!) and I'm fine, but slugs creep me out. Which is strange because I do remember that as a kid I used to collect slugs and snails and they never creeped me out.These slugs were huge though! Ok maybe not like Godzilla huge, but more than 2 inches long and as thick as my thumb is way too big.

Moved the huge batch of daisies from the pot to a bigger patch of dirt, so hopefully they live *crosses fingers* There were hundreds of daisies. Less plant food next time I think.

I was going to just have a really simple design on this scarab, but that didn't happen. I decided to weave a lot of the lines, which might be a little hard to see here. Ignore the letters, just put down for furture colour reference. Way too complicated for a tattoo design now. *laughs* At least for me. ;)


Leslie Hawes said...

Love the art! Very art nouveau. That sort of design makes me want to do a hundred variations...

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Leslie :) It does kinda look like an art nouveau piece.

Thats a good idea, I could just take the base design and do hundreds (and hundreds) of designs. Much better than re-drawing scarabs all the time :)

Rita said...

Jennifer, I said it about teh dragon banner and I'll say it about this one: Loved it before and I love it even more now!

Surely you can find at least one spot to have this tattooed, no? :D

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks Rita :D

I think the only place that would be big enough would be my back. One day it might happen. :)