Friday, May 16, 2008

Scottish Words Return

Tomatos in the greenhouse :D And there is probably another dozen plants in different containers. Good thing making tomato sauce is easy. :p

John's pumpkins are doing really well. He is going to separate them soon. Not sure if he is going to put them outside in the cold frame or keep them in the greenhouse. Need to keep the cats away from them anyway.

John's dad built this little shelf for one side, I think there is going to be another at the back of the greenhouse. The little trays that have herbs planted in them fit really nicely on the bottom.

And I found my little dictionary so I can post the answer to the last Scottish word finally :D but first here are 3 words for this week.

1. grue
2. slater
3. bubbly jock

Answer to the last word posted

1. horny-golach is an earwig ugh

(and the hospital went all right, probably post that on my Livejournal tomorrow but for now I am off to watch a cheesy movie about a giant crocodile. :)


Chrissy said...

I hope you enjoy your movie, so glad the hospital went ok :D I am very appreciative of your last ACEO after having a go with those watercolour pencil things...they are a compete pain. I cannot see me doing too much with them they is either too blunt or too sharp - very annoying!! LOL As for ur scottish words, I am really not so far away...but I don't have a clue - too much saftness (a brummie term)...;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

lol nothing better than cheesy movies with 30 feet long crocs :p Tonight, mutant sheep!

ACEOs do get easier to do. Need a sharp point if you are using any kind of pencils for the detail but for filling areas in either actual watercolour works, or a flatter pencil. I found that a light colour wash for the background and a base wash of colour for the main subject really works well and speeds things up. I usually use either my neocolours or inktense for the background and than my coloured pencils for the details. I haven't tried using acrylics yet, but wnat to one day. What kind of paper were you using?