Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jazz Hands

Finally have our wedding rings the right size. After 2 and a half years.:) And I have mentioned here in the past that I was born with an extra finger on my left hand. Well here is a picture of the scar. Its actually very hard to get a picture of. While I don't think that it will ever fade, and looks much more impressive in person lol (extreme close up of all the lines on my finger :p)

Start of an ACEO card. Chose the wing pattern of a Monarch. Its usually a butterfly that people recognise. I did not know that they are toxic to many other animals. Learn something new everyday :D (always good to learn about animals not to touch :p ) I hope to do a few ACEOs of many different patterns and full body shots of the butterflies. Lots of pictures to go through (580)
John's brother bought World of Warcraft. I love the previous games and the only thing stopping me from playing World of Warcraft was the cost. But there is a guest pass with the game which has been staring at me. Its a dilemma :p If I play the 10 day guest pass I know I will get addicted to the game and never get any drawing done, unless its fan art :p (yes playing the game is more of a dilemma than getting the paperwork for my ILR :p)


nuvonova said...

An extra finger, wow! When I was at school and had steel pan lessons, my tutor had an extra finger and it wiggled so much when he was demonstrating!

You will get addicted to that game! My brother was and it really annoyed me as we'd be out or something, and then he'd be rushing and I'd ask why he's rushing... his reply: "I've got a raid to do." ha!

..but I helped him find a job (property letting) and now he's easing off it as he never thought he could get a job like that and is more interested in learning about the business. He starts next month and has got the fattest folder to read!

Jennifer Rose said...

lol at the finger wiggling. hmm would have thought he would have taped it or wore gloves to stop the finger from moving. I think that might have hurt :/ I don't remember if mine hurt, I was too young. Wish I still had the finger :D

thats what I am afraid of. I have heard so many people like your brother getting addicted and never do anything else but play. Good that you got your brother a job :) Well once he is done reading the big folder he could use it as a paper weight ot a door jam ;p

Tizzalicious said...

Yay for the fixed wedding ring!

An extra finger? Wow! When did they operate that?

Good luck with the ACEOs!

Jennifer Rose said...

Thanks :)

I was just a bit older than 3 when the finger was removed. I always get people asking me if I have it kept in a jar.... o.0

nuvonova said...

My steel pans tutor couldn't feel it or move it or anything.. it was literally just attached to his hand by a slither of skin.. I always thought that with all the wiggling, it was bound to fly off eventually!