Thursday, May 08, 2008

Battle Royal

What an odd movie. Not a bad movie, just the first word out of my mouth when it was finished was odd. Yeah it is bloody and violent, so maybe I have watched too many horror flicks and have become desensitized to all the violence (which I doubt, just because there were a few scenes that kind of made me go ouch).

I did laugh at the girl in the training video. She is just way too perky to take seriously. Which might be the point.

John had been looking forever for this on DVD as he had only seen clips of the girl in the training video. Found it a few weeks ago but just last night watched it. Had subtitles, which I prefer over dubbing someone.

And really how is one supposed to kill someone with a pot lid?


nuvonova said...

I keep meaning to watch this!!!! ..

My 11 year old sister has seen it... she said it was funny. No idea how she watched it though!

Jennifer Rose said...

there are parts of it that are funny, things are just so over the top it makes some scenes funny but, it is more violent and bloody than it is funny, so I don't think I would have let most 11 year olds watch it. ;)