Friday, May 09, 2008

Killer Toast of Doom

A piece of buttered toast tried to kill me today! Well at least it wasn't covered with vegemite. The smell alone would be enough to kill me ;p I first tried Vegemite in New Zealand, I think it was the second day I had known John. He was having some for breakfast and offered me a slice. I had one bite and had to really resist the urge not to spit it out lol I keep forgetting to go through all the pictures we have and draw some of them. We both got quite a few nice landscape shots that would make really nice coloured pencil drawings or if I had some paint, some really nice gigantic paintings :D

Pictures of the stuff growing in the greenhouse. The big pot in the back has the ornamental squash and little tomatoes coming up. Tomatoes to the left, which are growing really well. Daises in the back by the big pot, Asters next to that. The strawberry plant has flowers on it :D Fuschia infront of the strawberry plant and to the right of the tomatoes and behind my little cacti pots. And more daises in the green tray on the bottom left of the picture.

And in this one we have; The big green leafy thing is a rhubarb. We think the back pot in the corner has lillies in it. My Foxglove growing nicely beside that. The little blue pot under the giant mutant rhubarb leaf is full of marigolds. The little pots in front of the giant genetically mutant rhubarb are cucumber and courgettes (I don't know the difference between the 2). The big pot under the leaf in the front are pumpkins. John wants to grow a 600 pound pumpkin. No idea where we would put the thing if he succeeds. I don't think the yard is big enough for one ;) The rest we have no idea what they are right now. But we did label most things this year so it is written on the sides of the containers :p

And another picture of my head :p I use to have my hair in front of my eyes when it was longer and take a nap in school. hmm either the teachers didn't notice or they just didn't care :p


Rita said...

Your plants are looking good, Jennifer!

Tell your hubby if he wants to grow a really big pumpkin that when the plant gets a bit bigger he should water it once every 2 weeks with some diluted milk. He'll have a 600 lb pumpkin in no time! ;)

Jennifer Rose said...

I think now that there is a green house in the yard, plants are getting a better start. He was just going to try to get pumpkin feed, but might try the milk :) Thanks

Chrissy said...

Yeah, I can see the headlines now! battered by a piece of toast, LOL. Vegimite = Marmite then, I love the stuff on cheese and crackers :-D

Jennifer Rose said...

Well John tells me Vegemite is better. But they both smell rotten to me lol and nothing will make me try Marmite to see if it tastes better than it smells lol ;)