Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ants go Marching 2 by 2....

There was an area in a corner that was full of ants, which I thought was cool. But than I looked up. Rope strung above people's head where the ants were scurrying back and forth. I kept thinking they were going to fall onto my head :p

I just thought the markings on this butterfly were gorgeous. :D

This Duck had flown down to this pond and was raising her family. She was lame but seemed to be getting around all right. Smart duck though. The only predators that I could think could have gotten in there were Falcons or Eagles, and there was some foliage around for them to hide in.
Felt like a Q-Tip was moving around on my hand. Very cool (but the ants creeped me out :p)

And some video of me acting like a 5 year old :p

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