Monday, May 19, 2008

No Magick Beanstalk Though

An update on the greenhouse :)

My little cacti are still not doing anything :( But the seed packet did say it can take 2 months. I hope they start growing soon, but I have a lot of seeds left and I am determined to grow a cacti no matter what it takes :)

I honestly don't remember what all is on here right now. Most of it is veggies though. The bigger pot on the right is John's pumpkins which are growing wonderfully! We don't know why the other leaves are starting to go yellow though :( Going to have to do some research, unless anyone has an idea why that is happening?

My rose bush is growing like a weed :D Yay I didn't manage to kill something :p lol The little pots are doing much better, they still might live. So I will have a few different rose bushes to take care of. (we don't always water them this much, it was very hot here today and all the pots were almost bone dry)

And my hands are feeling a lot better today (Thank you everyone for the well wishes!) So I managed to start a few little ACEOs. Started the ones I am going to be giving away in my Name my Cacti Contest. I need to finish those, and finish the eagle I started a few weeks ago. And than I want to try to focus on another dragon drawing. Probably look into finding a scene from dragon mythology, just need to find one that would make an interesting picture (I am sure there are a lot of dragon stories that would be very nice coloured pencil drawings).

Well I do know I am going to have lots of squash to draw this fall :p John is going to need help separating the tomato plants out of this pot before the killer mutant squash takes over :p


Chrissy said...

Have you ever seen "Little Shop of Horrors" ...That plant is gonna start shouting " feed me..." LOL

Jennifer Rose said...

lol! Haven't seen the movie but I have seen clips of Audrey singing :) hmm, now I'm scared to go into the greenhouse ;)