Saturday, May 24, 2008

hmm I think I have a Problem

Everyday Matters Challenge #44 Copyright Jennifer Rose Phillip

Hi, my name is Jen and I think I'm addicted to the net :/ Well could be worse. Could be a lot worse. hmm I have yet to actually decide if it actually is a problem or that I am just really bored :p So I am planning on changing how often I update this blog. Instead of almost everyday I am going to go to posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the occasional Saturday. Probably do this the whole summer and than go back to everyday posting in the winter. Of course if something happens on anyday I will post about it :)

So yeah said I wasn't going to go online for a week. That lasted an hour :p I watched Blade Runner and actually managed to watch more than 10 minutes without falling asleep. Definitely one of those movies you either hate or like. I haven't decided. I think I need to watch it again.

The tomatoes have been separated from mutant blood thirsty squash. We really need to get the other greenhouse up before this fills up this one :p

And my rose bush is going to flower! I didn't think it would this year after we transplanted it. Supposed to be red roses, so I am hoping I get some nice pistures of it to draw

And we still have no idea what this is. There are Lily seeds in this, but this doesn't look like any Lily I have ever seen growing. Could be a weed for all we know.

The bottom of my Cacti pots have roots, so they are trying to grow. They just haven't sprouted yet. Hoping they do soon.


nuvonova said...

I think it's just because you're bored! .. and even on occasion, I find myself being bored of being on the net!

I can't remember if I've watched BladeRunner fully yet, I would like to though.. and like you, I probably would fall asleep too but I can only guess it's because its an old film.

Jennifer Rose said...

Not sure if I kept falling asleep because its an old film or that it is really slow paced at the beginning. I did like the story, and the scenery was good. Just have to make sure I have eaten lots of sugar the next time I watch it to help keep me awake :p

Chrissy said...

I am addicted,I know I am, its official, Andy says so too, LOL

Jennifer Rose said...

lol John says the same thing to me :) just too many things to look at and lots of people to talk to :)

leslie said...

Is that this years mystery plant? I think it might be parsley, flat parsley. They sometimes germinate after lying dormant for years. Did you plant any of that last year?
Don't taste it to find out, but squeeze a leaf, and smell of it, first.

Jennifer Rose said...

I don't think we planted parsley last year, and its new dirt in the pot. hmmm this is odd. Def. not going to taste it lol Don't feel like a trip to the ER ;p

Jennifer Rose said...

oh and there very well might be a few more mystery plants because the front garden has a few bulbs we don't remember the name of and there is another yard where there are a lot of plants that we have no idea at all what they are lol

leslie said...

I love a good mystery!
When in doubt, all mystery plants fall under the classification of skeeterincdumscardamndifolia.