Sunday, May 11, 2008

Marigolds Everywhere

What?Re-potted lots of marigolds. Lots. I think there are 3 hanging baskets, 3 pots, 2 hedge boxes. I think thats it. If I never see a marigold seedlings again I will be happy :p

Pictures of the yard after John's mom and dad did a lot of work on it. I can't even start to name all of the potted plants that are in the yard. There are still more seedlings in the greenhouse that either have to go in pots or in the ground in the front yard. I just spent the afternoon re-potting plants and tried to help without killing myself. Today it seemed like I was trying to make myself end up in the hospital earlier than the 16th :p Tripped over the hose, that I left laying out. Got a sliver underneath my nail that hurt a lot :p. Got stuck kneeling down and twisted my back trying to get up. And almost dropped a tray from the oven on my foot. After that I decided not to do much besides watch bad tv shows lol

This bench was beside the garage/shed but now its next to a bunch of plants that attract bees. So while you might enjoy the sun and the nice day you might end up stung by killer bees ;p

There are always birds in the bird bath you can kind of see behind the birdhouse. This picture makes the yard look smaller than it actually is. The yard is going to be full of colour if the plants decide to live :)

I swear I still draw!! ;)

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