Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Naked Man!

70/365 15.09.09
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ok not really :p well it is but you can't really tell its a man lol

So I needed to write this blog post out by hand before I typed it to see how many spelling mistakes I make. But if I only stick to words that I know how to spell, not sure how this will work.

But it has made me remember how bad my cursive writing is :p

So more life drawing today. Watched a video featuring Maggi Hambling, was interesting. Reminded me of high school though. You were always excited to watch a video in class. Meant you could fall asleep and no one would notice :p

I used my sketchbook today for a few of the drawings, so get ready to laugh :)

These are really rough but thats the point ( I think...). The other drawings I did are too big to bring home now, maybe later.

I did one drawing in different greens and the teacher suggested it looked like the green giant :p After that all I could think of was it looked like a dead green giant because of the pose the model was in lol

I really can not draw people :p

hmmm, the writing I did is really really messy, even I can't read it. Need to practice I think :p


HElen said...

I think your sketches are really good, second one is captured the pose really well.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh you are doing great. Your drawings are coming on well.

Ann said...

I think your drawings are really good too. I know it's not easy to do and you got the proportion and poses down very well.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Great sketches. I have a horrible time with bodies too. :(

Tweed Delights said...

I think your life drawings are lovely :D Really like the top one :) You ARE good at drawing people!!

Serena said...

You are doing great at drawing people.....I would be hopeless!

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you Helen :)

shashi thank you :)

Ann I am having the hardest time with proportions tho :/ something that come easy when I draw an animal but its turning out to be really hard with people

Norma- thanks :D yeah its not easy drawing the human form

Alison- thank you :) not good yet, but determined to be :)

thanks Serena :) you can draw people, some of the paintings you have shown people have people in them! and they are good :)

Leslie Hawes said...

I think the life drawings are great! And you truly caught my attention with the post title! :)

Michelle Eaton said...

Great sketches! I am not so good at doing life sketching.

Linda Fleming said...

Jennifer, I think you are over critical of your own work- these sketches are great. Are you enjoying school?

kaslkaos said...

I wondered how I missed this, only realize that I was on holidays. I tried to catch up, but obviously missed a few.
Don't say you can't draw people. Your man has proportions and style, not to mention these are quick sketches and treated as such. Pat yourself on the back; it's a life drawing.