Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a Minute in September

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I'm playing along with Jenaveve and her just a minute meme.

hmm kind of hard for me to think of things for this month. Been so busy with college, I don't remember whats really happened.

Reading: Finished 3 books and working on 2 more. Read Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly, Flesh by Richard Laymon, Exit Music by Ian Rankin. Sad to say that all of them, even the Rankin book were not very good. The Rankin book was better then the other 2,but still left me feeling like something was missing from it.

Sleeping :p probably not as much as I should be. hmm might have to hit myself over the head with a hammer soon :p

Learning:.....not actually sure if I am. I do like my teachers a lot which makes a huge difference. I probably am learning, just too tired to think about it lol

Drawing: naked people! ;) other things too, but a lot of it is too big to bring home. Working on a simple Halloween dragon and still working on that horse

Watching: Merlin :) cheesiness for the win. Doesn't hurt that Arthur is easy on the eyes :p

Driving: hmm well no where yet. but I am sure if we do go somewhere,the cow will be coming along.

And if I don't make blog posts this week its because I have lost pretty much all feeling in my hands. Which makes it fun to type :p Lots of spelling errors and takes lots of time to make a post. Didn't go to college today,cause I can't hold a pencil without dropping it or my hand twitching. Bit of a pain in the butt. My MS nurse says its probably from hitting my head, it should get better.

Off to try to catch up on blogs. (but should probably go to bed lol. help I'm addicted to blogging! :p)

hmm and it seems like a certain cow and accomplice stole my blog last night :p


CurlyPops said...

Aggghh I think there should be a bloggers anonymous!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hope you feel better soon. Look forward to seeing some of your class work whenever you get a chance to take pictures.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol yeah a bloggers anonymous would come in handy sometimes :)

thanks Shashi :) once this block is done and if I go back I will be able to bring the work home :)

kaslkaos said...

Hey, I watch Merlin too. Cheesy yes, writing bad, but the acting saves the day, and yes, Arthur is VERY easy on the eyes.
Can't wait to see your nudes.

Linda Fleming said...

I think numbness is worse than the periods of time of pain. Pain I can deal with, but the numbness drives me crazy. Hope your hands are behaving again soon.

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah Ingrid the acting while not Oscar worthy isn't horrible. :) my nudes look like green men from mars lol

Linda I could deal with the pain too if I could pick up things without dropping them, be able to know I'm holding something without having to look at it. thanks :)

Jenaveve said...

First - best wishes for returning to pencil wielding very soon.

Second - darn it, hate it when not one, not two but three books all turn into fizzers...grrr. Maybe time to resort to some fun chic lit (if you have any spare reading time that is - college sounds so full on!)

Love your J.a.M. posts as always, and hope you get some driving in one of these days. Or passenger-ing... if that's a word... ??

Jennifer Rose said...

I've read 2 books so far this month. one was all right, the other was really good until the ending :/ got a few chick lit books from the library in hopes that even if they are bad they are entertaining :p