Sunday, September 06, 2009

Who is that?

61/365 06.09.09
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So this little squirrel popped into someone's photo and is now an internet phenomenon (ok maybe not but its worth a laugh :p) The cow decided to get in on the action (I really wish I had of taken that picture because its such a wonderful place to visit, but I got it off of a stocksite with the intention of painting it)(make your own here)

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And an hours worth of work on the horse which doesn't show much. Still putting in the muscles and the basic highlights and shadows. Going to look a little odd until I start to really darken the shadows and start to flesh out the shape. I usually work left to right so it feels odd working right to left on this.

And I think I have figured out a theme for college. Ingrid's suggestion of Tarot really started my mind running for themes. I thought I could do an occult theme, have lots of things I could use for that to draw but then I kept thinking (yes my head hurt ;p).

Thought of using "legends" as a theme. I have lots of stuff to draw for that, its something I am really interested in and the possibilities are endless. From dragons and unicorns, to ancient Egyptian myths to even urban legends. So hopefully that works, if not I need to think of another one. And even if I don't use the portfolio to try to get into Uni I should end up with a few pieces of nice work I could sell or make prints from.

And just a reminder that there is less then a week left for the deadline for the drawing group :D


Leslie Hawes said...

You could start an internet phenomenon...skeebie-izer!

tlc illustration said...

Heh - I love those squirrel pictures - so yours is clever.

I quite like your horse drawing. Good luck with the tarot project!

Tweed Delights said...

Legends sounds like a great theme - hope the course is going well :) I like coo's new friend :D!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Can't wait to see what you do!

JudiA said...

I hadn't seen the little squirrel before - dang, he's cute! Your drawing is coming along bee-u-tee-fully. I never get tired of looking at the pictures you create.

Linda Fleming said...

LOL! Too funny about the squirrel. I've been seeing that all over the interent.

Love what you have done with the horse sketch- it's coming along beautifully.

Legends would be a great theme - so many ways you could go with that. I'm sure you would find an abundance of material for that theme.

bluelilac said...

Cow and squirrel together are too funny! Love your sense of humour!
Keep on with the horse sketch before that animal trots right off the page.
And thanks for checking out my blog today!

Mary Jane / blue

Jennifer Rose said...

lol Leslie! that would be perfect if I cut him out and put him on photos :D

Tara- thanks :)

Alison- thanks :D the course is going all right, even if I feel like I never knew how to draw anything before lol

Michelle- thanks :D

Judi- thank you :)

Linda- its funny that a simple little freak picture has people talking about it lol The fact that there are so many things I could draw with Legends as a theme is a big reason I chose it. If I am told I need to narrow it down, I think I would have to choose fairy tales or something along those lines.

Mary Jane- thanks for the comment :)

Ann said...

Legends is a brilliant theme! I look forward to seeing what you do :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Ann :D

kaslkaos said...

Now Urban Legends would be a real challenge; looking forward to whichever you choose.

Jennifer Rose said...

thanks Ingrid, I think Urban legends could be really cool. Almost like mythbusters lol