Thursday, September 03, 2009

creative space september 3,2009

58/365 03.09.09
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The cow doing what I should be doing *yawn*

So college interesting :p Its fine but just really makes me want to go home and draw something realistic :p But I do plan on just forgetting everything I know (well ok maybe not everything) so that maybe I can loosen up my style of working. Not necessarily loosen up my style itself, but maybe get a bit quicker, make sketching easier?

And my teacher said to me that the person who interviewed me was really impressed by my portfolio, yeah no pressure there at all o.0

The thing is, I see the shapes in the human form just as I do when I draw animals or still life items, but for some odd reason I can't get my mind to link the shapes to the human body. I know it should come with practice, time will tell of course. And Ingrid, shock upon shock we have a male model ;)

I thought I was supposed to be in today in the afternoon, but the college messed up the time table, I was supposed to be in the morning. So missed one painting class, but the teacher said he will go over the class next Thursday. Maybe have some art from college to show next week :)

So todays creative space doesn't look that different from last weeks. Still working on that horse, getting the prints from my give away together to mail on the weekend, and the module checklist for college with everything that I need to complete to pass each module listed.

And still painting. The evil part of the wall that wouldn't keep any paint on it. Stripped but just needs to be sanded down and then I have to go and retouch the dark blue so the old paint colour doesn't show through. Good thing we have white paint because some of the ceiling is now blue (along with some of the grout on the floor which will always be blue now :p)


june at noon said...

The little cow could be a lesson for me as well. I ought to sleep more and make less, but, well.... ;)

Kirsty said...

Sounds like college is challenging you. I reckon good stuff comes from challenge. How great to have some positive reinforcement too.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Hmmm College would have been even more interesting had we gotten male models... :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

june its a lesson that a lot of use should listen too :)

Kirsty-challenging but I feel like I can't draw lol its hard trying to forget everything that I knew before.

Michelle- I was actually shocked they had a male model. not because he was naked but because I have heard so many people say they have never had a male model.

Mr Fuzzy said...
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kaslkaos said...

Re: a male model--you're getting a well-balanced education.
As for drawing people, had the same problem. If you haven't already gotten aquainted with the Andrew Loomis books, google him, and download "Figure Drawing for All Its Worth". It isn't all about talent, there is a step by step learning process that can be practiced and memorized. I didn't discover these books until recently and I'm in awe.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you Ingrid for that info about the book :D Going to spend a few days reading it, looks really really helpful :D I'm glad we have a male model, should really help :)