Friday, September 04, 2009

Hmm am i going to die?

59/365 04.09.09
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I really want to design my own tarot card deck, but would have no idea where to start. There are so many themes I could pick that I have no idea where to start.

Speaking of themes I need to pick one or 2 for college. For the one class she told us that what ever we brought in, make sure its transportable and its better to pick a theme that we would love. hmm I know I could find a small horse that would fit in the lift, but somehow I don't think that would go over too well :p well she did say small and easily carried :p

They have this old Singer in one of the rooms so I thought I might pick sewing as one of the themes. I figure there are so many things in that theme I could draw it might work well. If not I need to spend the weekend thinking up a theme that will lend itself to lots of drawing and something I have in the flat or can get cheap at the charity shops (hmm don't think I will find a pony at the charity shop :p)


Ann said...

The title of your post frightened me when I saw it on my blog roll! Good thing I am used to your humor :-)
When picking a theme, just make sure it's something you would want to draw, or however you are to develop work from it, as well as something you like. Maybe toy horses?

kaslkaos said...

I was thinking Tarot cards. Of course that would involve looking at others artwork (art on the tarot) but you could also find objects to bring that are related to tarot?

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love Ingrid's idea. Perhaps use a very old deck like a Marseilles and use the metaphors of a few or a single card? Or a horse themed deck... Hmmmm.

That looks like a Lisa Hunt Dragon deck... And is that the Tower in the outcome for the cow?!?

Teresa Mallen said...

Designing tarot cards sounds like a facinating idea! Goodness, picking a theme, I think my brain just locked up. Good luck with that! :-)

Shashi Nayagam said...

I think you will work it all out.I look forward to seeing what you will do.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol Ann I didn't even think the title would be taken that way lol sorry :) I wish I had some toy horses, don't think using a my little pony would go over too well tho ;)

Ingrid- thank you so much for that suggestion, got my mind working on a theme :D

Michelle- yep thats the deck :) I think its the two of pentacles instead, can't remember :) I would love a horse themed deck

Teresa- I think I have picked a theme that will work now *crosses fingers* thanks :D

thanks Shashi :D hopefully the chosen theme will produce some nice pieces of art :)