Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Space Brochure

I designed a brochure to go with my short motion graphic piece, keeping the space theme but adding more info.

I had to put the little alien on it, too cute not to use and I needed to fill the space lol


  1. It all looks so professional. You must be quite happy with it.

  2. This is clean, easy to read and I love all the little touches of design you've added to the text. Well done! (Glad you added the little alien :)

  3. It looks great, your design is excellent!

  4. thanks Tammie :) I'm happy with it but now that I have posted it I see things I need to change lol :)

    thanks Christine :)

    Rhonda, I just had to include the tiny aliens, makes it more me lol :)

    thanks Lisa :)

  5. Very creative and eye catching. I clicked to read them. I love the alien!!