Friday, October 20, 2006

Derwent Colour test

John bought me 3 of the new Derwent Coloursoft pencils so I could try them out and see if I liked them as much as Prismas. Decided to do a little test to see how well they layed down and how well they blended together and blended with the Prismas.

Derwent colours used: Deep Cadmium (yellow) C040, Red C120, Blue C330
Prismacolors used: Sunburts Yellow PC917, Carmine Red PC926, True Blue PC 903

I do realize the colours are not an exact match but its the closest I could get. :)

The first box is the Derwent colours blended together, they blended well enough, not as smooth as the prismas but after a few extra layers the colours went together. The red didn't blend very well with the other colours as much as I personally would have liked, but thats just me.

Order of colours:
Yellow (twice oops), yellow/red, yellow/blue
blue, blue/red,blue/yellow
red, red/blue, red/yellow

Box A I put the Prisma pencils down first and then put the Coloursoft over them. Found the opposite, the red blended ok, the blue left streaks. The yellow worked better than both colours on both tests. Blending the two brands of pencils together didn't work very well. Couldn't get a really smooth look, probably would have to burnish the colours to get it and I don't burnish unless I need the effect in a piece.
The box with the Prismas is only them blended together, same colour order as the Derwents. Blended easily, colours layed down smooth, but that is probably because they are what I am used to using.

Box B is the Coloursoft pencils layed down first and the Prismas over top. Worked better than laying the Prismas down first. Blended much better and not as many streaks. In person the colours look more vibrant when layed down this way than in box A.

I like the way the Coloursoft pencils flow on the paper, much smoother than any previous Derwent products I have used. Less breakage than Prismas I found too, easier to sharpen as well. Limited colours and a hefty price tag are a big downfall to me. I could adapt and learn how to blend them the way I work, but the hefty price tag is a huge problem for me when I can get Prismas for the same price or cheaper and have more of a colour choice. I do think I will try to do a bigger piece with them to see how that turns out. Probably get a few more colours to see how they look on paper.

Blending together is a bust. Atleast the way I work. Not a smooth blend and a quick build up of wax.

I think the Coloursoft are a huge improvement on previous pencils, and with practice I probably could switch to them instead of Prismas. Would I though? Not sure.

Colours will vary on different monitors and settings, and image might be grainy. Only my opinion don't freak ;)

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