Monday, November 06, 2006

Carousel Horse

For a project over at WetCanvas, I drew this carousel horse, completely from my head. Hence the bad horse anatomy hehe. I really like the sketch and its been sitting around for probably a month so I decided to work on colouring it today. Here is the sketch:

Not really sure I like how the colouring is going. Probably should have used some reference pictures. Oh well, I can always try again tomorrow and try to improve it. Don't really like how the eye looks and not too sure about the colour of the horse but that could change once more is coloured. (yes I complain a lot :p)(purple horses would be cool though)

I know that carousel horses are not always the most realistic looking things in the world but I usually try to draw horses as realistic as possible. Its hard to draw something cartoony or simplified when you try to make them as perfect as you can. Ok enough complaining. :p

I really want to go draw a realistic horse now, hmm maybe this horse will be put aside again for another month. Or I just might start again. Can't learn anything if I don't make mistakes I guess.

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