Saturday, November 11, 2006

*cough cough*

Everyone in the house has a cold. Well except for John because he gave it to everyone else. Its really hard to draw when every 5 to 10 minutes your sneezing or coughing your lungs out and trying to reach for a tissue before you sneeze all over the work you just finished. So not much drawing has been done this past week, lots of line art but if I had of sneezed on that it wouldn't have been a big deal. Sneeze on a coloured drawing that took me 10 hours or more and I would have cried.

Getting cold here, no snowflakes yet. Thought it was going to snow last week, there was snow in the hills. If it doesn't snow I'm fine with that. Don't really want a repeat of last winter trying to shovel the driveway (in ontario) while it was snowing so that the snow doesn't get over 2 feet deep and we get stuck at home.

Should have updated sooner, but with being sick there really wasn't anything (and still isn't) to write about besides a list of the movies and Stargate episodes I have watched this week. John bought me rainbow coloured gloves, so now I really have to learn how to knit so I can make a scarf to match. Even though when everything is said and done it would probably be quicker to just buy a scarf that matches, because it will probably take me all winter to learn how to knit without ending up with a giant knot or accidently knitting my hand to the knitting needles. Don't ask how that happened last time, I don't know :p.

Yeah this is a pointless post, I really should go and try to get some more pictures of around town for days like this when I have no art to post.

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