Sunday, November 26, 2006

Poor Neglected Blog

I haven't posted in 10 days, *hangs head in shame*. Nothing to post about though, just been trying to get over my art block (and failing). Usually when this happens drawing dragons helps, but I can't even seem to be able to do that. :/ Hopefully that changes tomorrow.

Been reading a lot lately, just finished Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Not a bad book, better then I thought it would be (not just because it has a dragon :p) and only took a few hours to read. Have to get the sequel now, might even go see the movie :) Reading all the Discworld novels. Almost finished book number 24, good thing John's brother has almost all of them I think he is just missing the new one. Great books to read before going to bed and to kill time, really enjoy the ones that involve the City Watch.

No snow yet, even though when I looked out the window this afternoon I thought it was snowing. But I think someone was vacuuming their car across the street and the dust was flying into the air (dirty dirty car).

Tried Dandelion & Burdock drink/soda what ever you want to call it. Tastes like a really sweet root beer, but its not bad. I found out I can get root beer here, but its "American Root Beer". *confused* Not really sure why it matters if its American or not, only matters what it taste like. What about Canadian Root Beer (joke), better yet A&W root beer? (Which I miss even though I saw and got splashed with gallons of the stuff when I worked there) I have noticed that things that I could get back in Canada are labeled American here, which is fine since it means that I can still get some of the food I like to eat, but a lot of the stuff I never thought of being exclusively American.

Different food names here for certain foods is not a big problem just funny when I get weird looks from people when I ask for things. The whole crisps and chips thing springs to mind. That and the cookie biscuit debate, a lot of the biscuits here I would call cookies and vice versa. There are more but I only remember them when we are getting groceries.

And John just phoned, has a flat(Tyre not an apartment, which British people would likely think I meant till they read the rest of the paragraph :P ) Once again with different words /spellings :P. Well he should know how to change a tire after being at dads. Just late for him to be changing it when he still has to get home and then get up for work. (hes home now....cursing lack of proper jack, tools etc.....moaning old man turning the air blue :P )

Hmmm, for having nothing to write about this has gotten pretty long.

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