Friday, March 23, 2007

Bouncy Ball??

Haven't had a stable net connection the last 2 days due to John replacing the router. After getting one that just didn't work (the manufacturer said it was a dud), he had to get a new one and now the net lives *insert evil laugh*.

I remember having to fill page after page in high school art class with spheres. It was so boring, but good practice I guess (still boring though, no wonder I fell asleep a lot, but no one noticed so I must not snore that loudly).

Off to the wildlife park (it says they are open *crosses fingers*) to see if I can get some good pictures of the animals. I really like their bird section, some nice looking owls and I'm hoping I can get some clear shots of the bears. I need to draw some pictures for showing and would rather use reference material of my own (and in some exhibitions its a requirement).

I'm hoping to have more to post soon besides quick little sketches.

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