Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feathers and Tight Shorts

Ural Owl By Jennifer PhillipCopyright Jennifer Phillip

The feathers are pretty much done. Possibly darken a few areas once the background is completed. I really like how the texture of the feathers look, very fluffy in some parts. I'm going to try make the background falling snow, probably easier to use pastels then coloured pencil but I'm going to try the pencils to see what kind of an effect I can get. And cross my fingers the owl doesn't get too lost in the snow.

I have problems scanning coloured paper. The colours don't seem to be as light as they are in person, not sure why that is though. So I am hoping that once this is done I can get a nice picture of it on a sunny day.

And I am really not a James Bond kind of gal, but after seeing Daniel Craig in his little tight shorts, I think I'm going to have to watch that movie again.

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