Saturday, April 21, 2007

Big Bird

Cassowary Sketch by Jennifer PhillipCopyright Jennifer Phillip

Completed the line art for 2 drawings today, this is one. A Cassowary from a picture I took at the zoo. Really big bird that seemed like it was giving me the evil eye following me up and down the fence line. I love the bright blue colour of it. Going to colour it on black paper and I'm hoping that the bright colours will really stand out against the black. Transferred and ready to colour but I think my hand needs a break from drawing almost since I woke up. Not sure how I will scan this once it is done, way too big for my scanner. Might have to go and get it done at a professionals if it turns out really nice.

Working on black seems to go really fast, just a pain to get a good scan or photo of.

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