Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Blue Bird

Cassowary WIP by Jennifer PhillipCopyright Jennifer Phillip

The new meds seem to be working. Hands don't hurt anymore, still numb, but at least the pain is gone and I can draw again. :)

Forgive the bad photo. Way too dark outside and the light in the room is not the best. I don't know how I am going to get a good scan of this. The image is on paper that is 19.5 inches by 13 inches. Hopefully I can get a good photo outside or paste the picture scans together in Photoshop. Or if it turns out really well, go get it scanned professionally, if it isn't that much money.

I really like how bright the blue looks on the black paper, it really stands out. The reds that are going to be added should stand out even more. Even though I don't like using reds that often due to the fading factor, with something like this, where it would just look strange not to use, I have too. If I get it framed I have to remember to get UV glass and keep it out of direct light as much as possible. I have art thats over 10 years old that hasn't faded but I think that is because I never used any reds or purples, or could be because of the UV glass. Sometimes worth spending the extra money on the special glass though.

*edit* If I can find some oranges that are pretty close to red that would work. The Derwent Coloursofts have a high rated for lightfastness orange that looks red and a rose, and since this is done completely in Coloursofts that would work. Only problem is I think I would need to buy the whole set of 72 to get it. :( And that isn't happening right now.

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