Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daisy Update

Daisy by Jennifer PhillipCopyright Jennifer Phillip

3 more petals finished before my hand decided to stiffen up. Slow going, but its some progress. :) Hand is still feeling odd, possibly related to my shoulder because my shoulder burns like its on fire. Someone suggested nerve damage, who knows (doctors don't). As long as I can still draw, even a little bit a day I'm not too upset about it.

I love my new scanner, and haven't had any problems scanning anything before, but it really doesn't like this yellow paper. Either I get a scan that is way too dark or a scan that is way too yellow. Hmm, if it wasn't so windy I would take a picture of it outside, but the paper would blow away (and chasing after paper is not my idea of fun).

I'm crossing my fingers that John's veggies that he planted in pots don't take a flight and end up on the roof. Then again it might be amusing to see people trying to run away from flying corn.

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