Monday, April 23, 2007

Hand Troubles Again

So my hand is back to its old tricks, numbness, loss of muscle control the odd pain. So no new art, even though I did start on that cassowary the other day, I just can't hold a pencil well enough to draw, and can barely type. Saw the doctor today and I have to go see a neurologist now. Hopefully soon, as this problem just seems to be getting worse (even though I thought it was getting better) and is starting to stop me from doing everyday things (trying to wash your hair with one hand is harder than I thought). So hopefully my hand decides to co-operate and I can work on that bird at least a little each day. If not, be prepared for lots of pointless pictures and possible book reviews.


Susan Borgas said...

It is so frustrating when our body doesn't behave itself! Hope you are back on top of things so fast that it even surprises you. If not I will still be reading your blog no matter what is posted. :D

Jennifer said...

Thanks Susan :)
I'm hoping my hands get sorted out soon.