Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lack of Updates reason

I am having the same problems I was having a few months ago. My hand/arm feels dead. Thought the problem was solved, guess not and its back to the doctors. Makes it really hard to draw or type (really hard to type), or even hold a glass.

It feels like my hand weighs more then it should or feels like I am just starting to use it. I have to think before I go to do anything, where before I didn't have to think to even hold a pencil. My fingers have the habit of just letting go of the pencil, so drawing is pretty much out of the picture.

Either it gets better or it doesn't. If it doesn't then I guess I could still paint because I can be looser with paint than a pencil. I'm hoping it gets better, kind of limits me to what I can do if I can't use my right arm.

So, back to the doctors so they can say to me again they have no idea what is wrong with me
I'm hoping it gets better quickly, I really want to finish that dasiy. :)

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